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Mercury represents information and with the Mercury Retrograde Event spanning December 2023-January 2024  (December 2023 - January 2024).  The time frame of Mercury retrograde and ultimately turning direct creates a unique, and dynamic aspect that has an impact on our life as a "course correction".  The series of events that  occur are the result of Mercury's orbit being faster than the Sun, requiring that we make adjustments during the retrograde.  The link below will provide a five-page graphic that illustrates this phenomena that has a powerful impact on our day-to-day life and to see the upcoming adjustments that allows us to align information to the transitions of the current aspects.   Our commitment to spiritual ethics, intentions and purpose during this phase gives us a greater understanding of the dynamic interaction between Sun and Mercury, and the impact on our life. 

Click to view / download the Mercury Retrograde Graphic.

sometimes we need a map through the jungle of events

Mercury Retrograde Phenomena

December - January 2024

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