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Mercury Retrograde for 2020 - The Power of Accountability
The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2020 play a critical part in the universal FOUR year theme for 2020 of Accountability.  All three Mercury retrogrades are in water signs, which deal with feelings and emotional clarity as a conduit for the spiritual elements of intuition and perception.  Mercury rules information and communication and during the retrograde process we are reviewing our true feelings and aligning our feelings with Truth. 


February 18 to March 10
12 Pisces back to 28 Aquarius


June 19 to July 12
14 Cancer back to 5 Cancer


October 15 to Nov 3
11 Scorpio back to 26 Libra

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News provides detailed information about the current Mercury Retrograde and the impact according to Sun Sign, House Location of the Mercury Retrograde, and the Personal Year numerology  influence. This 15-page newsletter provides insight into the parts of our life that are impacted by the Mercury Retrograde process and how we can understand the purpose and ultimate effect of this phenomena.  Similar to a "course correction" we will have the chance to review the parts of our life that are influenced by the Mercury Retrograde.  

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer spotlights our true feelings and the alignment with our close emotional connections with ourselves and with others.  Cancer is also a sign that impacts our home and family setting as we seek security;  to be emotionally understood and validated as well as being able to express our true feelings.  During this retrograde we will make important adjustments prompted by the shifts and changes experienced from June 19th through July 12th, especially with the Solar Eclipse on June 20th at 0 Cancer and the Lunar Eclipse at 13 Cancer on July 4th.  These eclipses will push us to align our life with our true feelings and to reconcile the give and take we experience with others.  

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News - June/July issue

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Mercury Retrograde Phenomena Graphs - June / July event

Major Aspects in May 2020

  • May 4 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 14 Taurus

  • May 7 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 17 Taurus / 17 Scorpio

  • May 10 - Saturn turns retrograde - 2 Aquarius

  • May 11 - Mercury enters Gemini

  • May 12 - Venus turns retrograde - 22 Gemini back to 5 Gemini

  • May 14 - Jupiter turns retrograde - 27 Capricorn

  • May 20 - Sun enters Gemini

  • May 22 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 2 Gemini

  • May 22 - Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde - 20 Gemini

  • May 28 - Mercury enters Cancer 







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If we respond to life with “lack of understanding”, then we have made an appointment for sometime in the future to try again to “understand.” Some choose to understand and grow, while others act out of fear, fail to understand and blame others for the unhappiness in their life. With these reactions to life’s opportunities, there isn’t much hope of growing beyond the present consciousness and therefore life brings to us more of the same until our reactions to life are coupled with “understanding”. We always have the choice in front of us, with each situation, to grow, understand and love. 

Astrology and numerology can help us understand the Divine opportunities in our life so we can grow this Divine consciousness. Each day we are given many situations and circumstances that have within them the gift of growth, understanding and love. It is our task to respond and bring forth these qualities to allow God within to be expressed in our everyday life. Our response to challenges are the qualities that we bring forward to fill up the holes and empty parts of our life. The glance from the end of our life brings our view to see the sparkling diamonds of Divine qualities brimming out of the holes of our challenges OR qualities of blame and anger fill the pot holes of challenges to show our lack of understanding. Situations are given to us, but our choice of response is our free will. Alpha Life Trends opens the door for greater understanding of events in our Life and the continual presence of our Divine-oriented choices.

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