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Mercury Retrograde for 2021 - The Power of Information
The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2021 play a critical part in the universal FIVE year theme for 2021 of Information and Communication.  All three Mercury retrogrades are in air signs, which deal with our mental elements of information and communication as a conduit for the alignment of spiritual elements dealing with Truth.  Mercury rules information and communication and during the retrograde process we are reviewing our ability to think, perceive and align our commitment with Truth. 


The Power of Information and Communication

May 3 - Mercury enters Gemini

May 15 - Mercury reaches 16 Gemini


May 29 - Mercury turns retrograde 25 Gemini


June 22 - Mercury turns direct  16 Gemini

July 8 - Mercury direct reaches 25 Gemini

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News provides detailed information about the current Mercury Retrograde and the impact according to Sun Sign, House Location of the Mercury Retrograde, and the Personal Year numerology  influence. This 18-page newsletter provides insight into the parts of our life that are impacted by the Mercury Retrograde process and how we can understand the purpose and ultimate effect of this phenomena.  Similar to a "course correction" we will have the chance to review the parts of our life that are influenced by the Mercury Retrograde.  

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini provides a theme and a deluge of information transparency into this universal FIVE year.  The information pushes us beyond our old concepts as we come into change, breakthrough and freedom from the information that is emerging during 2021.  Mercury enters Gemini on May 3rd and reaches 25 Gemini on May 29th, as many pieces of information and key issues are brought to the surface.   Mercury in Gemini begins blowing in a information transparency through the information reveals during May. The gusts of information also reveal the ethics and accountability of motives, ethics and intentions to our treatment of others.  From Mercury turning retrograde on May 29th through June 22nd, the transparency  emerging during this time brings in a dynamic high tide of information to review and revise our concepts during this time, emphasizing the LUNAR and SOLAR ECLIPSES.  


Mercury aligns with the SOLAR ECLIPSE on June 10th, as the information high tide has pushed us to review and revise our concepts.  The lineup of Sun, Moon and Mercury retrograde expand the transparency of information and the commitment to our new purpose, direction and focus.  

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