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Mercury Retrograde OnLine News

Mercury Retrograde for 2023 

The Power of Intuitive-Logic Solutions
The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2023 play a critical part in the universal SEVEN year theme for addressing issues that require us to move beyond the old ways.  The first three Mercury retrogrades are in earth signs, which brings forward information that needs to be change our focus, approach and choices.  Addressing the logical, practical and methodology used must be focused toward the NEW Aquarius mode of fairness and integrating a humanitarian approach in all of our dealings.  

The Mercury retrograde in December 2023/January 2024 provides the cosmic course correction that shifts the stage to prepare for the new era.  As November 2023 cleared the deck to set the stage for a new era, the events during this Mercury retrograde (December 12 – January 1) will revise career, business pursuits and goals. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn emphasizes business and our pursuits in this area. As Mercury retrogrades, Mercury touches into Sagittarius, ruling philosophy and goals and as the archer symbolizes, aims for something higher.   


For those who have empowered others and efforts to make a difference, the results will begin to expand according to the new, empowering motives.  This transition becomes the journey that brings our career into a new focus and our business efforts into a new light.  This Mercury retrograde brings information and many changes that will shift and veer us into different directions, moving us to make decisions  to continue to bring our power of influence to bring positive impact to our connections with others.  

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News - December 2023 -  AVAILABLE NOW!  !

Mercury Retrograde Phenomena Graphs - December 2023 -  NOW AVAILABLE !


The Power of Intuitive-Logic Solutions is the overarching preparation for Pluto's exit out of the Capricorn patriarchal system that allows dictatorships to occur.  Pluto is preparing for entrance into Aquarius, emphasizing fairness, freedom, respect, independence and right-for-all decisions.  The last time Pluto entered Aquarius was in the transition of 1776 into 1777 as "we the people" gained a new level of independence from the dictating powers, to begin to gain momentum to bring our God-given Rights to empowerment.  In Europe, the Age of Enlightenment opened the door to independence and reason and away from the old patriarchial authorities.  History repeats itself to bring us the opportunity to improve and grow.  Through transparency and 2023 revealing the Truth through the intuitive-logic of new technology, the old ways will be revealed and will no longer be tolerated. 

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News provides detailed information about the current Mercury Retrograde and the impact according to Sun Sign, House Location of the Mercury Retrograde, and the Personal Year numerology  influence. This 13-page newsletter provides insight into the parts of our life that are impacted by the Mercury Retrograde process and how we can understand the purpose and ultimate effect of this phenomena.  Similar to a "course correction" we will have the chance to review the parts of our life that are influenced by the Mercury Retrograde.  

Mercury Retrograde OnLine News - December 2023 issue

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