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Mercury Retrograde for 2021 - The Power of Information
The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2021 play a critical part in the universal FIVE year theme for 2021 of Information and Communication.  All three Mercury retrogrades are in air signs, which deal with our mental elements of information and communication as a conduit for the alignment of spiritual elements dealing with Truth.  Mercury rules information and communication and during the retrograde process we are reviewing our ability to think, perceive and align our commitment with Truth. 

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The Power of Information and Communication

August  29 - Mercury enters Libra

September 7 - Mercury reaches 10 Libra

September 22 - Sun enters Libra

September 22 - Mercury square Pluto - 24 Libra / 24 Capricorn

September 26 - Mercury reaches 25 Libra

September 27 - Mercury turns retrograde

October 1 - Mercury retrograde square Pluto - 24 Libra / 24 Capricorn

October 6 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon - 13 Libra

October 7 - Sun conjunct Mars - 14 Libra

October 18 - Mercury turns direct - 10 Libra

November 2 - Mercury square Pluto - 24 Libra / 24 Capricorn

November 3 - Mercury reaches 25 Libra


Mercury Retrograde OnLine News provides detailed information about the current Mercury Retrograde and the impact according to Sun Sign, House Location of the Mercury Retrograde, and the Personal Year numerology  influence. This 15-page newsletter provides insight into the parts of our life that are impacted by the Mercury Retrograde process and how we can understand the purpose and ultimate effect of this phenomena.  Similar to a "course correction" we will have the chance to review the parts of our life that are influenced by the Mercury Retrograde.  

Mercury Retrograde in Libra provides a theme to bring balance as we regain clarity of information, transparency into this universal FIVE year.  Mercury  reaches 25 Libra on September 24th and begins to hover at 25 degrees.   Mercury turns retrograde on September 27th to backtrack to align the outer situations to the information that has been emerging. While it seems from our perspective Mercury is retrograde, in actuality, it is during this time we have to go faster than Mercury to catch up to situations.  Since the Sun is behind Mercury, the outer circumstances are at odds with the information that has been coming into the picture. During this Mercury retrograde we will have to match up to the information that is emerging and make adjustments to the situations.  As Mercury continues to backtrack, we will see that many of the choices we have made earlier are not needed or not aligned appropriately, so we have to make corrections to situations.  Similar to a course correction the pilot has to make to regain alignment with the flight path, we will revise our goals, destination and alignment of thoughts, words and deeds to regain our orientation.    Libra rules negotiations, mediations and relationship issues to ultimately bring harmony and balance into the current situations.   


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