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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your TWO basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 8 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct

TWO – With a TWO in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you are gaining awareness of others, expanding your sensitivity and understanding.  TWO is the number of relationships, expressing qualities to be in partnership with all, whether through negotiation, mediation, counseling, team work, or friendship settings.  You are learning the importance of working with others in good times as well as challenging situations.  The TWO always brings in a positive relationship environment and has the qualities to work with a variety of individuals.  The TWO is the lower octave of the ELEVEN, which brings in the spiritual qualities and awareness that allow an additional layer of dynamic encounters.  

2022 Personal Year

You will be tossed into an environment with a quickened pace, that gives you the chance to bring in a greater sense of confidence.  You will be able to strike out into new directions that open more doors and give you a more expansive area to explore.  You will ultimately move your talents into new directions that have more opportunities that also move you along an important career and business line.  Life is prompting you to move forward and veer into different directions to open up more options.  You are gaining confidence as you explore and expand into these new directions.  You will feel a stronger sense of pride and realize the importance of your natural talents, many of which you had not realized the value of previously.  It is time to move outside of the normal situations to value more of your true self.

February prompts you to expand into new directions especially after the old has faded in January and with the closing doors, you have to look forward in new ways.  You will look to see the open doors and the various options that are emerging as you explore life outside the previous environment.  

April gives you the push needed to think outside the box and to review and revise some of your choices.  Taking a step back to realize the rut of your old choices, you have to begin to see that the new directions are leading you to choose different options.  

June brings in major changes, ones that also give you a blank canvas and eliminate the old situations from keeping you in old habits.  Your landscape is shifting and moving you into different directions and the need to explore other areas.  You may be more comfortable choosing the tried and true, yet life is pushing you out of your comfort zone to expand more of your natural talents.

August gives you some challenges that are associated with the past as a way to push you further from the comfort zone of the past.  You will move forward, maybe reluctantly, but you will take the small steps forward that help to make you more receptive to the changes that are on the horizon.  You will face yourself and look at your hesitation and doubts, but still not be able to move backward.  

September brings you the confidence that situations are still working even with the integration of a few more changes, but yet you also want to put the brakes on any more changes.  This is the realization that this is the month that will then launch you into a whole series of dramatic changes once you step into October.

November gives you the new options that are completely out of your viewpoint because of the changes that seem to just move in overnight in October.  The old situations became the burning barn that were no longer options and now the options are presenting themselves in completely different ways.  Without any shadow of the past, you have to look onto to the future to see the options available.  The lights have dimmed on the past and new options are what is provided to you as choices and opportunities.  


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