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Mercury Retrogrades for 2022 - The Power of People-Focused Solutions
The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2022 play a critical part in the universal SIX year theme with bringing forward resolutions.   The first three are in air signs, but then retrograde back into earth signs;  Aquarius - back into Capricorn,  Gemini  - back into Taurus and Libra - back into Virgo. The air signs emphasize mental awareness with new information moving into our environment, prompting us to rethink and revise our concepts.   Moving back into earth signs require we revise the logical, practical and physical elements of our life. The last Mercury retrograde in December 2022 impacts only the Capricorn earth focus, as this signals the complete transformation of the Capricorn settings, of business, career, and financial success.  The old patriarchal system is fading to reveal those committed to the humanitarian Aquarius settings of fairness, independence, freedom, respect, right-for-all decisions.  The new Aquarius Age emerges in 2023, as Saturn hands off the audit of accountability to the commitment of the Aquarius elements to Pluto as it enters Aquarius in March of 2023.  Pluto will empower humanity as "we the people" require right-for-all leadership.  The old patriarchal system of Capricorn will fade away and no longer be empowered.


January 14 to February 3
10 Aquarius back to 24 Capricorn


May 10 to June 3
5 Gemini back to 26 Taurus


September 9 back to October 2
11 Libra back to 24 Virgo

December 29 to January 18

24 Capricorn back to 8 Capricorn



Bringing forward key issues earmarked for resolution becomes the focus of 2022 Year of  People-Focused Solutions, which will set the stage for the SIX year of 2022.  Key issues and information will be brought forward to resolve issues to ultimately prepare for the Aquarius Age.  Fairness, independence, freedom, respect and right-for-all decisions will be the goal of the solutions in 2022.  The leadership style and approach will be pushed into the new focus as well,  requiring fairness, freedom, justice and right-for-all approach to leadership.  Saturn moving through Aquarius all through 2022 will demand the commitment to these humanitarian characteristics and ethical actions.  Anything less will no longer be tolerated.  



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