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Mercury Retrogrades for 2023 - The Power of Intuitive-Logic Solutions

The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2023 play a critical part in the universal SEVEN year theme with bringing forward intuitive-logic solutions.   2023 has four Mercury retrogrades  and the first three are in earth signs, and the last one of 2023 begins in an earth sign but then retrogrades back into a fire sign to activate our initiative and spark. The earth signs emphasize the physical elements of the world and thus provide change and adjustments with new information moving into our environment, that prompts us to rethink and revise our concepts.   The last Mercury retrograde in December 2023 impacts  the Capricorn, earth focus, with this adjustment signals the complete transformation of the Capricorn settings, of business, career, and financial success.  The old patriarchal system (and those who have misused their power in this system) is fading to reveal those committed to the humanitarian Aquarius settings of fairness, independence, freedom, respect, right-for-all decisions, as "we the people" rise in power during this important transition at the end of 2023, with Pluto's final transition out of Capricorn and into Aquarius - celebrating the TRUE New Year into 2024. The new Aquarius Age emerges in March of 2023 for a short preview of this important shift, as Saturn hands off the audit of accountability to the commitment of the Aquarius elements to Pluto as it enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023.  Pluto will empower humanity as "we the people" require right-for-all leadership, transparency of choices, actions and technology as part of our God-given Rights, to no longer be kept from us for deceptive means.  The old patriarchal system of Capricorn (as well as the people and businesses who have misused their power) will fade away and no longer be empowered, but instead the new level of transparency will emerge revealing the Truth of Information.  


December 29 to January 18

24 Capricorn back to 8 Capricorn 


April 21 to May 14
15 Taurus back to 5 Taurus

August 24 to September 15
22 Virgo back to 8 Virgo


December 12 to Jan 1 2024
8 Capricorn back to 22 Sagittarius



Bringing forward key issues earmarked for  physical changes and transitions becomes the focus of 2023 Year of  Intuitive-Logic Solutions, which will set the stage for the SEVEN year of 2023.  Key issues, information and transparency will be brought forward to resolve issues to ultimately prepare for the Aquarius Age.  Fairness, independence, freedom, respect and right-for-all decisions will be the goal of the solutions in 2023  The leadership style and approach will be pushed into the new focus as well,  with transparency revealing the old Capricorn ways that don't empower humanity, and will be changed out to those that align with empowering our God-given Rights. The New Age requires fairness, freedom, justice and right-for-all approach to leadership.  Saturn moving through Aquarius demanded the commitment to these humanitarian characteristics and ethical actions.  As Pluto shifts into Aquarius in March 2023, Saturn shifts the accountability factor to the Pisces elements of intuition and alignment with spiritual laws of Truth and Transparency.  Anything less will no longer be tolerated.   March through June 2023 gives us a preview of Pluto's effect in Aquarius, which will then provide big reveals from June through the end of 2023, when Pluto makes its final transition out of Capricorn and into Aquarius to bring in the True New Year of 2024.  The Mercury retrograde back into Sagittarius activates Truth, Honesty, Philosophy and the ability to live our Beliefs.  



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