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Mercury Retrogrades for 2021 - The Power of Information / Communication
The Mercury Retrogrades assigned to 2021 play a critical part in the universal FIVE year theme for 2021 of  Information / Communication.  All three Mercury retrogrades are in air signs, which deal with information, mental concepts and mental awareness as a conduit for the spiritual quest for Truth.  Mercury rules information and communication and during the retrograde process we are reviewing our concepts that have been created through information and communication to bring our awareness to align with Truth. 


January 30 to February 20
26 Aquarius back to 11 Aquarius


May 29 to June 22
25 Gemini back to 16 Gemini


September 27 to October 18
25 Libra back to 10 Libra



Change, breakthrough and freedom will be the end result of the 2021 Year of Information / Communication which will set the stage for our commitment to Truth FIVE year of 2021.  Shifts and changes will help to bring an even playing field to situations as both Jupiter and Saturn will be in Aquarius for the year of 2021, requiring fairness, freedom, justice and right-for-all approach to leadership.