Celestial Trends - October 2021

October brings in the SIX month, which emphasizes problem-solving solutions.  We will address key issues during October to see situations from a different perspective as needed to bring forward real solutions.  Health and healing is aligned with the SIX as well, which keeps our focus on implementing the right solution. During the Mercury retrograde of October, we will get new and different information that helps us to adjust our perceptions to incorporate the added information.  The New Moon on October 6th brings Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars together to activate the information emerging to the process of exploring solutions within our home, work and relationship arenas.  Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury turn direct in October, which requires us to address each of these elements in order to "right-the-ship".  Pluto emphasizes use or misuse of power, Saturn requires alignment with taking responsibility for ethical accountability.  Jupiter pushes us out of our narrow comfort zone to embrace right-for-all decisions.  This gives us a chance to make the needed revisions to align with key events slated for this time.  Mercury will retrograde back to 10 Libra and prepare to turn direct by October 18th to integrate harmony and balance into our journey.  

Celestial Trends - October 2021

 Celestial Trends - Summary

September brings in the need to review situations and events that have occurred throughout the year.  


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Celestial Trends - October 2021

Moving into the SIX month of October, our focus will be revolving around finding solutions, as SIX is all about healing, fixing and resolving issues.  Many critical issues stream into the month as Mercury squares Pluto on October 1st, as the transparency lid is blown off of many situations.  With the New Moon on October 6th at 13 Libra, we will be pushed to address many topics that are on the table.  Stacked full of orderly papers on the 6th, a gust of information comes along and tosses the stacks of paper into the air as many aspects come into the month to give us a lot of tasks and projects to accomplish.  We will make important changes within our work and home environments that begin to support the new reality that is evolving. Our new perspective and awareness continues to evolve, expanding our concepts to make new choices.  Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto turn direct in October, ushering us to move forward into our right directions as we address these key planetary elements all through the month.  Coming to important conclusions and making new determinations, our new concepts are allowing us to see more and more options and to respond to the pull to move into our right directions.

September 26th through October 2nd
Mercury has reached 25 degrees Libra and begins to hover.  Since the Sun shifted into Libra on September 22nd, joining Mars and Mercury already moving through the sector, Sun shines the light onto key elements and areas that are in need of balance.  The situations have stretched as far as possible, and now Mercury has to turn retrograde to backtrack and get all back into an orderly sense of balance.  Mercury turns retrograde late night/early morning on the 27th, which will seem to be a day to make plans to revise situations to regain harmony.  With Moon in Gemini for the first three days of the week, the information blows in, telephones ring off the hood and communications seem to be in overdrive.  On Friday we will have the transparency lid blown off of many situations to see everything as it truly is.  This will get us into the solution-oriented theme for October.  

October 3rd through October 9th

Mercury retrograde connects with key planets this week, as the New Moon heralds in new beginnings.  Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars activate situations and events through the increased flow of information.  Also Pluto turns direct giving us a front row seat to the use or misuse of power that is flowing within the information stream.  Thursday Sun connects with Mars, which increases the information as the inundation of critical components seem to hit our doorstep.  On Saturday Sun shines the light onto Mercury retrograde as the information reaches a critical mass because Mars has activated the landslide of additional information at the same time.  

October 10th through October 16th

Mercury behind the Sun from October 10th through October 18th, (when Mercury turns direct) provides the intense Mercury retrograde phase.  Mercury is behind the Sun and yet we can't see all that is happening behind the scenes, similar to the change of situations happening behind the stage curtain.  We won't be able to see all of the circumstances, situations and events until the curtain rises and Mercury moves forward again on Monday, October 18th.  During this time, it is important to connect to a higher source of information as the intuition has the logistical perceptions aligned with the true information.  The true happenings during this time are made visible through intuitive awareness as Moon connects with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter through the week.    

October 17th through October 23rd

Mercury retrograde reaches back to 10 Libra, where it was on September 7th, giving us a focus of information to review and revise.  Jupiter turns direct on Sunday and Mercury turns direct on Monday.  Jupiter turning direct brings in a large wave of focus to push out the Mercury information that was hidden while Mercury was behind the Sun (stage curtain).  This creates a scenario of feeling that we are drinking from a firehose of information.  Tuesday evening as the almost Full Moon rises, we will be able to see a lot of the information that is emerging during this event.  The Full Moon emphasizes the Sun at 27 Libra, shining the light onto the high tide of issues.  

October 24th through October 30th

With the events of last week, we will have a lot to revise.  Moon connects with information-oriented Gemini, which requires flexibility and adaptability.  With Moon shifting into Cancer on Monday, we will address our sense of security and adjust our "comfort elements" that provide familiarity and normal activities back into our day-to-day life.  The latter part of the week, we will make important decisions to bring a new level of comfort and security into our environment to move forward in creative ways.  Social options emerge that give us a sense of connection to others.  

October 31st through November 6th

This week opens into the SEVEN month of November, giving us the chance to think about situations from a deeper perspective.  Tuesday's aspect of Mercury square Pluto emphasizes the shift that the information deluge during Mercury retrograde had on the Pluto in Capricorn focus of use or misuse of power in business and finance.  This continues to expand our deepening thoughts and adjust of our concepts as we integrate the information that emerged through October.  On Thursday the New Moon at 13 Scorpio brings in another level of transparency, which also coincides with Sun in opposition with the Uranus winds of change.  Giving us a new viewpoint as the winds blow in information from the corners of situations that were previously hidden.  This New Moon allows us to see situations from below the surface, similar to a seal exhibit at the zoo.  The surface and below the surface events and activities come into full view, giving us a complete perspective and the reasons to adjust our concepts.  

Celestial Trends - November 2021
Moving into the SEVEN month of November, our focus will be shifting to look at situations from a deeper perspective.  Many realizations occur during SEVEN months and allow us to review and revise our concepts.  The characteristics of the SEVEN emphasize the need to deepen our concepts and to make important decisions about the priorities we have had in the past and the need to make adjustments.  November's revisions are integral to updating our concepts, which brings in the Lunar Eclipse on November 19th.  Sun at 27 Scorpio and Moon at 27 Taurus requires our values line up with the priorities that have been adjusted within the shift and changes of November.     

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