Celestial Trends - January 2022 

January is universally a SEVEN month, which brings us back to a point to look inward to review important issues, situations and circumstances.  SEVEN gives us the information through research or looking beneath the surface to determine the true essence.  


January is the same numerology as November, but the transition into a New Year gives us a way to make the journey from 2021 to January bringing forward the same inner elements of importance. with the difference being the universal year of 2021 that transitions into 2022.  


January and February become the overlay of events from November and December to the New Year, giving us the recap of the 2021 story before we move into our new 2022 story of events.  On the overview, Venus is retrograde in Capricorn all month, and Mercury turns retrograde on January 14th, backtracking from the accountability focus of Saturn, 10 Aquarius back into Capricorn to connect with Pluto’s use or misuse of power by the end of January.


These events provide epic transparency of ethics, motives and intentions that will be addressed during the SIX year of 2022.

Celestial Trends - January 2022

 Celestial Trends - Summary

The New Year of 2022 is universally a SIX year, which brings the changes from the FIVE year of 2021 to integrate into 2022.  The SIX is all about resolving issues to bring harmony and balance into our life.  SIX rules relationships, health and well-being, and the ability to fix and problem-solve situations to emerge as positive and working well for all.  We will look at our life to make important changes in home, work, health and relationships to bring about improvements to create the best circumstances.  READ MORE:  Numerology Trends for 2022


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Celestial Trends - January 2022
Moving into the SEVEN month of January, our focus will bring in the energies of 2022 with transparency of information and key planetary aspects.  Jupiter has moved all the way through Aquarius and shifts into the Pisces sector, bringing the emphasis to expansion of our true inner spiritual essence.  As the transparency focus reveals information, the summation of our beliefs and intentions become visible.  Jupiter in Pisces unites us to our intuitive connections and spiritual purpose.  Our beliefs are scooped up and brought into the New Year of 2022.  Saturn in Aquarius moves through the sign of Aquarius and will take all of 2022 to solidify those with a commitment of accountability to the Aquarius Age, living the qualities of fairness, independence, respect and right-for-all decisions.  Pluto will have it's last year to revise the use of power from the old patriarchal Capricorn system to the new humanitarian Aquarius model.  We will be required to make the transition and transformation into the new focus as Pluto goes into Aquarius in March 2023, as Saturn hands off the results of the accountability audit to Pluto. 

December 26th through January 1st
As we move through the last week of the year, we will take with us the important elements of this year.  All that we have valued and empowered through out commitment to ethical intentions will open the door to the New Year.  Mercury conjuncts Venus retrograde on Wednesday, which brings us information about the Venus revisions needed to integrate solutions.  Bringing harmony and balance into our life and our relationships with those around us, is an integral part of this week.  On Thursday Mercury connects to Pluto to allow the information flow to occur as it pertains to the use or misuse of power.  Our commitment to make a difference becomes visible as displaced expression of influence to have power over others rather than to empower others.  The transparency of information emerges during this time. Jupiter has moved all the way through Aquarius and shifts into the Pisces sector, bringing the emphasis to expansion of our true inner spiritual essence.  As the transparency focus reveals information, the summation of our beliefs and intentions become visible.  Jupiter in Pisces unites us to our intuitive connections and spiritual purpose.  Our beliefs are scooped up and brought into the New Year of 2022.

January 2nd through January 8th
We begin with a New Moon on Sunday at 12 Capricorn.  This activates the new energies for 2022.  A surge of energy flows into January that gives us the feeling that important changes and transitions will be a part of this New Year.  Monday, we have Moon connecting with Venus, Pluto and Mercury all in Capricorn, which brings our focus to business, career and financial accomplishments.  Venus retrograde in Capricorn is reviewing these areas to determine the solutions needed.  Wednesday Moon connects with Jupiter, which has jumped into Pisces the last days of December and will begin to unfold our spiritual awareness, intuitive connections and inner essence.  We will begin to perceive our life is moving into the directions of our new role as 2022 has a strong spiritual element within the numbers, emphasizing the transitions into our right direction, expression and purpose.  On Saturday, Sun connects with Venus retrograde at 18 Capricorn, which will spotlight the parts of our business and career pursuits that are subject to revision and earmarked for resolutions.  Venus retrograde will provide critical elements of adjustments to these areas that will be implemented in February as Venus turns direct. 

January 9th through January 15th
We got a jumpstart into thinking in new ideas, concepts and directions on Friday, January 8th, as our concepts continued throughout the weekend.  We move into the workweek with an emphasis on the financial side of life along with other practicalities.  Moon connects with the changing winds of Uranus, which brings in information from the blue that becomes a bit of a surprise.  Mid-week we get additional information that makes us think and rethink about the current situations.  On Friday, Mercury slows to 10 Aquarius and turns retrograde. This creates an important end to the week as we look at situations and wonder where these new pieces of information go in the greater picture of this year.  The situations seem to catch us off guard and as we rebound we have a chance to revise our perspective.  


January 16th through January 22nd  
This week begins on Sunday with Sun connecting to Pluto, which shines the light onto the power issues that have emerged as Mercury starts it retrograde motion, giving us a chance to backtrack and pick up the missing pieces.  Also Sunday evening provides an almost Full Moon that continues to give us a lot to think about as the power issues continue to emerge, beckoning us to look closer at the situations.  On Monday as the day brings in a high tide of events, many situations seem to crash on our shore giving us a lot to think about and come to important conclusions.  The planet of Uranus turns direct on Tuesday, which brings in the winds of change, shifting and changing situations and our point of view.  Mid-week Sun shifts into Aquarius to move us into expanding our perspective.  We will see situations in a very different way than before, which leads us into making adjustments to our viewpoint and how we need to proceed forward.   

January 23rd through January 29th
This week begins with Sun connecting to Mercury retrograde, shining the light onto the important information that is being revised.  As Mercury moves behind the Sun, information reaches an important point to confirm our commitment to move into a particular direction once Mercury turns direct on February 3rd.  Throughout Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Moon in Scorpio brings a lot of information to the surface via transparency that has a critical impact on situations.  The information may have been intended to remain hidden, but with Moon in Scorpio the aspects have dislodged this intention to expose the true elements.  This sets the pace for the first half of the week.  By Friday Mercury retrograde connects with Pluto and brings in information that is connected to the power issues that have impacted the changes that will begin to be visible.  Saturday, Venus turns direct at 11 Capricorn, which opens the door for solutions to be integrated and many situations to be rolled out in new ways.  

January 30th through February 5th

On Sunday Sun creates a square to the Uranus winds of change as Moon connects with Mercury and Pluto.  These aspects create the dynamic issues that will be emerging this week, especially as the visibility elements come into view.  The New Moon on January 31st open the door to the Aquarius mode of building a connection of community and groups that have a common element.  The Chinese New Year sets the celebration energy on February 1st as the new month opens the bay doors granting the 360 vision of all intentions and ethics.  February is universally an EIGHT month, which highlights business, career and financial pursuits.  The focus of Aquarius brings in the attitude of “we the people” that requires all intentions to be seen.  Transparency comes in with February and ultimately emphasizes the new themes.  On Thursday, Mercury slows and reaches back to 26 Capricorn, prompting business and career shifts and changes.  On Friday Sun connects with Saturn, which shines the light onto the accountability factors associated with Saturn in Aquarius, which demands a solid alignment with fairness, respect and right-for-all decisions. 

February 2022
February is universally an EIGHT month, which brings us to review and revise the issues and situations surrounding business, career and financial pursuits. These events provide the critical piece of transparency as ethics, motives and intentions will be addressed as February events evolve.  There will be many shifts and changes from Venus turning direct at 11 Capricorn and Mercury turning direct at 26 Capricorn.  Capricorn rules business, career and financial pursuits.  Mercury will connect with Pluto on February 11th providing information about the ethical elements of the business decisions that are made in February.  Venus and Mars will connect on February 16th at 16 Capricorn, and then both connect with Pluto on March 3rd, which will give us a chance to see the resolutions that are rolled out.  These choices for directions represent the values used to make decisions during this time.  These choices set the pace for the year, as the avenues appear and pull us forward into our right directions.  The intentions used to make decisions become visible and reveal the ethical values that drive choices, directions and pathways.  Knowing that Saturn in finishing its time in Aquarius this year, sets the pace for Pluto’s entrance in 2023, empowering the new humanitarian focus for all of humanity.  Many will use the old patriarchal choices of Pluto in Capricorn, thinking that the approach to lie, cheat and steal through power hungry methods will get them onto the pathway to power.  However, knowing Pluto is moving into Aquarius, the methods of “we the people” that require fairness, respect and right-for-all decisions will become the rewarded approach as we prepare for the New Age emerging in 2023.  This month begins the separation of pathways for those who align with their spiritual purpose and have the accountability elements of ethical values or those who hang onto the old patriarchal systems. 


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