Celestial Trends - July 2021

July is universally a THREE month, which emphasizes creativity, thinking outside the box and self-expression.  Many of the opportunities that emerge in July have their roots in the ONE month of May 2021.  The new focus, emphasis and concepts that emerged in May opened the door to the creative elements that will now emerge in July. 


The NEW MOON on July 9th at 17 Cancer, prompts us to align with our true feelings and to realize the importance of revising our life to express these true feelings.  The FULL MOON on July 23rd ignite our feelings and push us further along the path that is calling to us as our new purpose.  

As the Sun shifts into Leo on July 22nd, Venus brings a new balance to Jupiter in Pisces which emphasizes our new purpose.  Jupiter in Pisces has expanded our intuition and our connection with the Divine elements in our life.  The information emerging prompts us to move into our right direction.

Celestial Trends - July 2021

Celestial Trends - Summary

July brings in the creative options available for those that think outside the box and are ready to make important changes.    


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  • Alpha Life Trends Newsletter for July / August 2021.  Understand these two months bring us to events that hold change, breakthrough and freedom.   Moving out of the muddied situations requires we realize that it is our responsibility to choose change, which is the theme that opens up with the ONE month of May, and requires the breakthrough of old concepts to receive our greatest purpose.  

  • Click to download the free 14-page Transition into the Aquarius Age publication.  Information about the Aquarius sector in each house in our birth chart and the Personal Year of 2021 that sets the pace for this new focus.  


Celestial Trends - July 2021

July is universally a THREE month, which brings us changes that shift us into new directions that are aligned with your revised sense of purpose.  This shift provides the gateway into a new dimension, while others are not be ready as they still want to live in old concepts rather than to make the shift into a new awareness as the Golden Age begins to emerge. 

July 4th through July 10th
This week's major aspect is Venus opposition Saturn, which brings in solutions that are needed as Saturn brings the focus to the issues of accountability.  Information emerges early in the week to point to the need for solutions.  Taking responsibility for accountability and transparency will create a major focus of issues with problems surrounding this process.  Transparency will be brought forward, and the view will give us major clues to the core issues and why solutions are needed.  The NEW MOON on the 9th points to the real picture that is emerging to reveal critical elements that are needed to shift to align with accountability.

July 11th through July 17th
This week, the Mercury conjunct Mars aspect highlights the information that is brought forward to integrate and put solutions into place.  An action plan is needed and will move true solutions into place as transparency has brought visibility to the major elements that have been whirling around, keeping situations from finding a good balance.   

July 18th through July 24th
This week we will find out more of the issues that will emerge during the transparency process that will reveal more details and key issues.   This will be a very revealing week and provide the viewpoints of relevant issues that need to be understood to make important changes.  Venus opposition Jupiter on Thursday expands the solutions as Sun shifts into Leo to expand the ideas and concepts to implement solutions.

July 25th through July 31st
This week Mercury brings in information that will emerge with the use or misuse of power that will set the pace.  Situations will become visible that give us the reasons to make important changes.  As the progression of information emerges, shifting key elements and moving our thoughts and ideas into action plans gives us the tasks and projects needed to move into the FOUR month of August, when the surge of effort will be needed.


Celestial Trends - August 2021
August brings in the universal FOUR month, giving us the new tasks and projects to plan, organize and schedule our efforts for our new purpose.  July's events pushed us into directions that call into play our talents and give us the long to-do list that has us running during the month.  With the shift of ideas into plans, the movement from July into August will quicken the pace and push us off the bench as we have a lot to do and a lot that needs to be accomplished.  August 1st brings Sun to shine the light onto Mercury's information.  This information requires Saturn's transparency and accountability allowing us to move forward with our true purpose.  Without the commitment of transparency and accountability, situations and events circle back around to prompt us to make choices aligned with right-action.   

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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