Celestial Trends - Dec 2020

December is universally a SEVEN monthwhich opens the door to gain a deeper understanding.   SEVEN represents wisdom as realizations are achieved by the focus on Truth and Honesty.  Seeing situations as the view brings transparency, we will be able to see the deeper elements and previously hidden events.  Similar to the zoo exhibits that give us one perspective above the surface, while a deeper perspective allows us to see all that is happening below the surface.  Our attention will be seeing the familiar and interpreting that the above the surface situations, seem normal, but we will be drawn to the situations that are happening below the surface as the perspective is giving us a different perspective that is prompting us to view the surface situations differently.  Ultimately, we come to some very important conclusions and begin to redefine the familiar by new information.  The Lunar and Solar Eclipse provides the parentheses that hold the evolving information that prompts a different thought process and concepts to be brought into the month.  Ultimately mid month we have four very dynamic aspects that completely shift our perspective creating the pathway into a time of major transformation, preparing us to move into 2021 as the dynamic change, breakthrough and freedom events catapult us into a different world. 


Celestial Trends - December 2020

Celestial Trends - Summary

Celestial Trends – December 2020

December is universally a SEVEN month bringing forward our inner connections of Truth and Transparency as we transition into the New Age.

November 29th through December 5th 

Sunday brings in the feeling that a major shift is emerging.  The almost Full Moon rising Sunday evening gives us the ability to see all that is happening in preparation for a dramatic shift into the SEVEN month of December.  The almost Full Moon emphasizes the Gemini / Sagittarius sectors that enlarge the information and communication of critical elements that from Sunday night to early Monday morning expand into the Lunar Eclipse that ignites a high tide event.  As the early morning hours hold the massive increase in events, many situations will become the waves that bring many unexpected information onto our shore overnight.  As we awaken on Monday morning we will have a stream of information that stops us in mid-stride, giving us a lot to think about and put it all into perspective.  Tuesday brings Mercury to shift into Sagittarius, emphasizing truth, honesty and indisputable information.  Thursday emphasizes the Moon’s opposition to the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto lineup, as the accountability elements begin to show through the events, revealing the true intentions of actions.  


December 6th through December 12th 
On Monday December 7th, Moon creates a square to Mercury and Sun, bringing the importance of making choices that align with right-action.  On Thursday Moon shifts into Scorpio bringing forward a new level of transparency as doors open allowing information to surface that brings a new perspective of events into the picture.  We are able to see situations that are critical to the whole picture and gives us a way to see choices made that go back to previous events.  A great awareness is pulling situations along and giving us a different perspective allowing us to come to different conclusions.  On Friday, Moon is in opposition to the Uranus winds of change, bringing in many unforeseen situations that prompt us to review our perspective and be open to the changing winds of information.    


December 13th through December 19th 
This week brings us into the New Moon/Solar Eclipse that sets the transitions into the New Age.  The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius gives us a lot to think about as the flow of undisputable information that began to flow on the high tide of the Lunar Eclipse has created a new environment with a complete transformation from the flood of information.  The Crescent Moon cups the planets of Saturn and Jupiter as they move through the last degrees of Capricorn late on December 16th.  As Moon shifts into Aquarius, Saturn transitions into Aquarius as the focus of our responsibility and accountability takes a magical turn toward humanity.  Revising the focus of Saturn to bring a new level of importance to the qualities of Aquarius, Jupiter shifts into Aquarius early on December 19th.  Aquarius emphasizes humanity, shifting our priority to bring in a new attitude of fairness, freedom, independence and right-for-all choices.  This week pushes us to align with our new sense of purpose and to come to a new level of commitment on December 19th as Sun connects with Mercury at 27 Sagittarius.  This critical week moves us beyond the past to embrace the New Age that aligns our inner and outer Self with our true spiritual purpose.

December 20th through December 26th 
The Sun shifts into Capricorn on Monday December 21st as Jupiter and Saturn ignite the Aquarius New Age.  Moving into a new level of awareness, our consciousness pulls us forward to embrace the Golden Age that is calling us into a new direction.  The threshold reveals the transitions as Aquarius provides a new focus with priorities onto a greater awakening.  Aquarius rules humanity and encompasses each individual as well as the global community.  Allowing differences and yet have our interactions be ruled by respect, unity, freedom, equality, and right-for-all choices.  The accountability element of Saturn has high requirements to bring leadership into creating the boundaries that are the same for all and that leadership abides by their own rules as none have an elite status, but all are regarded as valuable.  This attitude will be a continuation of how many have lived their lives already, however, many do not know what to do with freedom and require something outside themselves to give guidance or restrictions as some individuals are not aligned with a strong ethical sense of right action.  As the focus shifts and changes, the accountability will fall upon each individual to align with right action.  Jupiter will expand us into this new environment as Saturn gives each individual the requirement of personal accountability to align with the golden rules of living in harmony and treating others the way we would want to be treated, with dignity, respect and freedom.  On Wednesday, Mars creates a square to Pluto’s power focus, giving us the opportunity to show our ethical focus and alignment with right action.  Mars rules actions and the square requires a shift of use or misuse of power, which reveals our alignment or misalignment.  People will naturally reveal their own status, providing transparency, as this New Age brings about a raise in awareness to see through the intentions of others as a natural evolution of this time.   Early morning on December 25th, Mercury creates a positive trine to the winds of change impacting 7 Capricorn and 7 Taurus.  Mercury brings business, organizational and financial information forward that has been blowing on the winds, providing a positive shift giving us the feeling of having the winds at our backs.  Billowing our sails, we feel that we can now sail out into the open ocean as the water glistens with positive energy.   

December 27th through January 2nd 
As the last week of December brings us to the end of an eventful year, we can begin to look back at everything and see 2020 as hindsight gives us a true 20/20 perspective.  Moon begins the week in Gemini, giving us a great deal of information on many fronts as the News hits our doorstep.  Gemini always keeps us on our toes and requires that we stay flexible.  The information flow takes us into the rise of the almost-full Moon Monday night as the information hits a high tide.  We have a lot of different pieces of information that is lapping upon our shore as the already high tide has gives us a lot to review.  All through the day on Tuesday we will continue to review and come to a time of seeing all of the information with acceptance and understanding.  The Full Moon brings in the Cancer / Capricorn sectors as we see the happenings in the outside world with a greater acceptance of the events.  The Full Moon reaches exact opposition as the Sun sets and the Full Moon rises Tuesday evening.  This is a Full Moon that has needed two days to review and come to an adjustment of acceptance.  The last day of the year brings this acceptance into our 20/20 hindsight as we celebrate the completion of a very eventful year.  

Friday brings in the New Year of 2021, a FIVE universal year emphasizing change, breakthrough and freedom.  Giving us a springboard of change, we are able to move into 2021 after reaching the summit of a major mountain climb of 2020.  The summit has requirements that are inherent within the Aquarius Age, giving us freedom, fairness, respect and a new journey of expression.  Aligning our inner and outer life becomes the foundation of this New Age and brings us to a greater sense of spiritual purpose.  Living our Life Purpose is the door that is opening as the transparency to view the true intentions of others brings in the cornerstones of respect, dignity, fairness and integrity.

Celestial Trends - January 2021
January as a universal FIVE year, change, breakthrough and freedom brings us to a time that pushes us into the New Year as more details of the New Age are revealed.  January is universally a SIX month, which brings in the resolutions needed as we transition into this time.  With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter will be expanding and revealing the new focus of Aquarius, giving us the opportunity to align with our true purpose with the transparency of our Self as we bring forward respect, dignity, fairness and integrity as the cornerstones of our personal expression.  Saturn brings in the accountability to treat others the way we want to be treated and will begin to roll out the requirement of ethics, giving us instant karmic feedback and the ability to view the true intentions of others.  These requirements will not be anything new for many people, but others will begin to show the misalignment as the transparency of key elements become increasingly easy to see.  The major aspects in January bring Sun and Mercury to connect with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter as the transparency focus and alignment with ethics and right action become visible.  Ultimately, the New and Full Moons enhance the new focus with spiritual purpose setting up the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius that creates the course correction needed to align our inner and outer self with our true purpose.  The Aquarius New Age has brought in a rise in consciousness to all that is needed individually and globally to connect us to the Golden Age of this time.  This great awakening gives us the ability to cross into a New World.


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Written by Karyl Jackson
Copyright 2020. © Alpha Life Trends.  All Rights Reserved.

Photographs by Karyl Jackson

Major Aspects in December 2020

  • November 30 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE - 8 Sagittarius / 8 Gemini 

  • December 01 - Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • December 09 - Sun square Neptune - 18 Sagittarius / 18 Pisces

  • December 14 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 23 Sagittarius

  • December 17 - Saturn enters Aquarius

  • December 19 - Jupiter enters Aquarius

  • December 19 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 27 Sagittarius

  • December 21 - Jupiter conjunct Saturn - 1 Aquarius

  • December 21 - Sun enters Capricorn - Solstice

  • December 23 - Mars square Pluto - 24 Aries / 24 Capricorn

  • December 25 - Mercury trine Uranus - 7 Capricorn / 7 Taurus

  • December 29 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON - 7 Capricorn / 7 Cancer

  • December 31 - Moon opposition Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter / square Mars - 24 Cancer / 24 Capricorn









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