Celestial Trends - May 2021

May  is universally a ONE month, providing new beginnings for 2021 as the FIVE year brings change, breakthrough and freedom. Many elements of the past were cleared away in April’s events, making room for new energies, focus and pursuits emerging in May. Rethinking of the previous FIVE year events from 2012, 2003, 1994, 1985, 1976 and beyond we will begin to see the pattern of new options emerging that push us beyond the past and into our new directions. We are all subject to the universal influences first and then we have the overlay of our own personal year that brings in the personalized energy of the personal month and year. Looking at the major aspects of May, we find that the New Moon on May 11th, emphasizes the Taurus elements of love, money and well-being.  Additionally, Jupiter has been expanding the focus of  humanitarian elements as we revise our concepts, Jupiter shifts into Pisces on May 13th to open up the shifts and changes of our Life Purpose to align with our new spiritual awareness. This shift requires that we bring forward our new concepts and our intuitive guidance as we move into our new directions. Also, Mercury reaches 16 Gemini on May 13th, which will also be the point of Mercury’s backtrack during the Mercury retrograde from May 29th through June 22nd. 

Celestial Trends - May 2021

Celestial Trends - Summary

May brings in the deluge of information creating our new beginnings.  


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  • Alpha Life Trends Newsletter for May/June 2021.  Understand these two months bring us to events that hold change, breakthrough and freedom.   Moving out of the muddied situations requires we realize that it is our responsibility to choose change, which is the theme that opens up with the ONE month of May, and requires the breakthrough of old concepts to receive our greatest purpose.  

  • Click to download the free 14-page Transition into the Aquarius Age publication.  Information about the Aquarius sector in each house in our birth chart and the Personal Year of 2021 that sets the pace for this new focus.  


Celestial Trends - May 2021

May is universally a ONE month, which brings us the right time and events to connect with our new purpose and to ignite our new beginnings that will roll out during the days and weeks of May.  The Mercury retrograde from May 29th through June 22nd creates the shifts out of the old and into our new and exciting life.  This point holds the spiritual shift of aligning our purpose to our awareness which will shift situations around in the outside world during the Mercury retrograde. Coming into our new spiritual purpose creates a new intuitive alignment and awareness that is needed to move into our new directions. Many will be ready to make this important shift, while others will not be ready as they still want to live in old concepts rather than to make the shift into a new light-year of awareness as the entrance into the Golden Age. 

May 2nd through May 8th
Mercury moving into Gemini opens the floodgates of information that will bring in many new situations, circumstances and events.  Gemini rules information but also communication as the movement of the information hits a heightened level through the air waves.  Phones will ring off the hook, sounds of emails hitting our inbox and messages keeping our phones constantly pinging.  Moon connecting with Jupiter also brings in an optimism as the old stalemate positions begin to shift and change.  The ONE month of May offers a completely new flow of energy that is exciting, energizing and gets us moving with all of the changes coming into view.  By the end of the week, Venus joins Mercury by shifting into Gemini bringing us information that will help to resolve many situations that have been needing a retrofit with solutions.

May 9th through May 15th
This week, a new pace comes from both Mercury and Venus moving through the Gemini sector and take almost the whole month to come closer to the conjunction that occurs on May 28th.  Between now and then, there will be many areas that will bring positive solutions into our life where the old stalemates of situations have been residing.  Monday Moon connects with Uranus, which blows in new and different information, situations and events that set a new pace for the New Moon on Tuesday, May 11th.  Mid-day the information that hits our doorstep will open our eyes and bring in a sense of enthusiasm, setting a new pace with a positive optimism.  Wednesday and Thursday bring in a spectacular evening sky just after sunset with Moon connecting to Venus and Mercury, two very bright twinkling starry planets.  Thursday Jupiter will have moved all the way through Aquarius in just five short months and move into the spiritual sector of Pisces.  Jupiter will open the doors to bring in our new spiritual purpose, stronger intuition and a commitment to rise to our greatest intention.  

May 16th through May 22nd
This week we will have more activities calling to us as the Moon and Mars opens the week to aligning our feelings and activities.  On Thursday, Sun shifts into Gemini, joining Mercury and Venus already in the information/communication sector.  Sun spotlights all of the information deluge that has occurred since the beginning of the month, which has shifted our pace with communication and events.  Sun brings the highlight to situations that are emerging from the information while creating many new circumstances and happenings.  It will seem that the spotlight is on all day and night activating the information that has created a lot of different stages with events. 

May 23rd through May 29th
This week we begin with Saturn turning retrograde, which has brought us a lot of accountability into the Aquarius focus toward humanity and how we are all together along this journey.  Saturn is the gatekeeper that will bring karma back to situations that are unfair and not right.  Saturn brings accountability, transparency and right action to situations as a precursor to make important transitions into new directions.  Mid-week, Sun and Moon create an empowered Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius will highlight the Gemini information and the Moon in Sagittarius will bring a bring light into areas that have previously been unseen.  Moon in Sagittarius rules truth, honesty and direct-to-the-point information.  Irrefutable evidence is the hallmark of the Sagittarius aligned with truth and honesty.  This Lunar Eclipse will put information on the table to be seen for what it is.  Friday, Mercury connects with Venus which will bring solutions into view as this conjunct occurs at 24 Gemini.  With this conjunction, Saturday brings Mercury to a pause at 25 Gemini to turn retrograde at 2:30 pm PT / 5:30 pm ET.  Mercury will begin to backtrack to go over information that has recently surfaced and create the adjustments needed.


May 30th through June 5th
Mercury stalls at 25 Gemini as Sun continues to move closer to the Gemini information that has recently come to light.  Sun sheds more light onto the information and will ultimately come into the grand spotlight as Sun connects with Mercury retrograde on June 10th just as the SOLAR ECLIPSE heralds in new beginnings.  This week, we have the continuation of Sun inching closer to the information that has been brought into the light through the backtracking of Mercury retrograde.  Moving from May into June this week, takes the ONE month of May into the ELEVEN/TWO month of June.  We have the option to choose the higher path or the lower octave.  Choices and decisions will begin to surface as Mercury looks to move backwards.  In reality, the Earth and our events are moving faster than Mercury, so it appears to us to move retrograde.  Events quicken, information that surfaced now looks different and we are getting many elements of our life aligned to the new concepts.  


Celestial Trends - June 2021
June brings in the universal ELEVEN/TWO month, giving us the opportunity to rise to the occasion of the ELEVEN, or to remain at the lower octave of the TWO. Awareness is the key determinator of the ability to move into the higher octave of the ELEVEN, which is the master number associated with spiritual information and communication. The TWO maintains the awareness of the physical plane, while the ELEVEN brings in the awareness of the spiritual overlay onto the physical plane. 
Our perspective determines our awareness and choices to engage in the material or the spiritual realms. With the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th emphasizing the 5 Gemini / 5 Sagittarius elements as holding the new beginnings, information emerges that points us into new and different directions. 
The Solar Eclipse on June 10th at 20 Gemini becomes the focus of our new pathway and journey emerging. On June 11th, Mars jumps into fiery Leo opening up our creative elements associated with our new beginnings as we tune into the intuitive information that rises our perspective to the ELEVEN realm of spiritual awareness.

To push us even further along our path on June 14th, Saturn creates a square to Uranus that comes along every 21-22 years, which requires us to take responsibility to adjust to the changing situations and concepts that bring truth and transparency. Saturn’s requirement for accountability with the Uranus requirement for change gives us the gear-turning events that hold the elements of change as determined by our accountability. 

Jupiter pauses and turns retrograde on the 20th at 2 Pisces and on June 22nd, Mercury turns direct at 16 Gemini. These elements provide the revision and refocus of our spiritual purpose as we align into our new beginnings through opening up to a new awareness and understanding of our true intention. 

The previous times of major gear-turning transition was in 1999-2000 and in 1977-1978. The major transitions created the situations that put us all onto a different pathway than previous pursuits. The gear-turning events take the Saturn focus of the Aquarius humanitarian elements and the Uranus focus of Taurus of our financial pursuits and values to shift our concepts and choices, creating a new perspective that holds our new life.

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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