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Celestial Trends - Feb 2023 

February is universally a NINE month, which emphasizes the fact that it is time for closure, to eliminate the old situations that are no longer working for us.  NINE is about clearing the decks to make room for the new directions.  If our focus is on the old and the past, then we have no place to put our future.


February provides the very situations to push us beyond our old ways of operating.  The Uranus winds of change begin to blow and move the old situations that have be blocking our pathway.  


As February evolves, the pathway is shifting, many situations are ending, being completed and doors closing. 

February clears the decks and sets the stage for these dynamic changes.  The month of December is about making room for our future as we move through 2023, with Pluto shifting out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in March 2023, which brings in a completely new focus, environment and direction.  


Celestial Trends - December 2022

 Celestial Trends - Summary

February is universally a NINE month, which brings a sense of completion to the situation that have brought us to this time.  The NINE is a time to let go and "let God" as the transitions begin to take us into new and different directions. 


We are finishing the Pluto in Capricorn Era which began in 2008 and we are preparing for the entrance into the Pluto in Aquarius Era.  Pluto in Capricorn has created an environment for us to use or misuse our will power through the "lie, cheat, steal and win" approach, or the humble hard work and efforts of "blood, sweat and tears" to make a difference. 


Our efforts stay with us and become the bridge to the new Pluto in Aquarius Era or the end to the lie, cheat, steal to win efforts that have not build a bridge into the new era.  The month of February becomes the journey and transition out of the old ways and into the new era that is emerging.  Our efforts have earned the pathway and stepping stones forward into the Pluto in Aquarius Era, or the end of the Pluto in Capricorn road that was without benefit to others.  


The New Year of 2023 is universally a SEVEN year, which brings in  a new level of transparency and expression that is aligned with our True Self.  Making the transition into February 2023, we will be clearing the decks of the old situations and circumstances that are no longer integral to our purpose.  As our new expression emerges, the alignment with our True Self provides the transparency of our new purpose.   


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Written by Karyl Jackson
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Photographs by Karyl Jackson
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