Celestial Trends - Sept / Oct 

September is universally a SIX month, which opens the doors to change, adjustments to revise and retrofit home, work, relationships into a sense of harmony and balance. Mercury moves into Libra on August 25th, which brings the span between Sun and Mercury to be a 27 degree extreme, with Sun at 3 Virgo and Mercury moving into the next of Libra.  This creates a major information surge to have us look at relationship issues, yet the current Sun, which marks the X on the “you are here map” to make us realize that the gap is pushing us to realize we have a lot of space we haven’t covered and need to move forward as we are behind the eight-ball in the game plan.  


Mercury turns retrograde at 6 Libra on September 9th to help us realize that we have to go back to pick up the missing pieces and get things back on tract to close the gap.  Mercury in Libra rules relationships and that our backtracking has to get the right alignment to bring right action into the direction for relationships, bringing balance to our partnerships.  Major decisions will be made on September 22nd, as Sun shifts into Libra, connecting with Mercury retrograde, bringing the information together with our choice of actions for balance.  The decisions made at this time will then be revealed and put into motion once Mercury turns direct.  


Celestial Trends - September / October 2022

 Celestial Trends - Summary

The New Year of 2022 is universally a SIX year, which brings the changes from the FIVE year of 2021 to integrate into 2022.  The SIX is all about resolving issues to bring harmony and balance into our life.  SIX rules relationships, health and well-being, and the ability to fix and problem-solve situations to emerge as positive and working well for all.  We will look at our life to make important changes in home, work, health and relationships to bring about improvements to create the best circumstances.  READ MORE:  Numerology Trends for 2022


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September Overview (continued) 
September will ultimately review the major elements and aspects to resolve key issues and to bring forward in October as Mercury turns direct October 2nd.  With Mercury and sun in Libra, our concepts are aligned with our placement on the “you are here” map and we can begin to move our life forward in early October.  Ultimately the forward movement will begin to click circumstances into place for the alignment to occur for the empowered New Moon / Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2 Scorpio.    


October Overview 

October is universally  a SEVEN month, which prompts us to align with the deeper elements of our True Self, motives, ethics and intentions.  We have to believe in our Self and recognize the inner prompting that is showing us our pathway, as the transitions into the New Aquarius Age become visible.  The journey is to move us into this New Age that also provides us with our new purpose.

September 25th through October 1st

This week we walk down the long hallway as Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo, emphasizing right-action and the lineup of our motives, objectives and purpose.  Mercury retrograde is behind the Sun all week, and while information is provided, there is a lot that is still unseen.  With the New Moon at the beginning of the week, at 3 Libra, our focus to bring balance and harmony is integral to the events this week.  On Monday, Sun is opposition to Jupiter, shining the light onto issues dealing with our True Self at the same time Mercury retrograde is connecting to Venus, providing solutions that are needed.  Through the week, many elements bring in information that point to new goals and aspirations that we will begin to implement as we move into the new month of October.

October 2nd through October 8th 

This week begins with Mercury pausing at 24 Virgo, preparing to turn direct.  The focus of this phase is to roll out the right action choices, events and decisions that have been formulated during this Mercury retrograde and the revisions from September.  This week also prepares us for Pluto turning direct, which will bring forward key events that point to our focus on influence, use or misuse of power.  Pluto turning direct becomes the shift that occurs, pointing to Pluto’s next steps out of the Capricorn realm and into the Aquarius new age.  Pluto making a B-line out of Capricorn and within the new sight of Aquarius, our dynamic transitions begin to occur.  Pluto shifted into Capricorn in 2008, giving us the chance to utilize our energy within the Capricorn focus of business, building our accomplishments and our financial gatherings.  Some did so using the “lie, cheat and steel” approach, while others provided ethical elements aligned with building a bridge with treating others with respect, fairness and right-action.  As Pluto turns direct, the motives used will determine our road and transition during Pluto’s movement out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.  How we treated others during this time will give us the rites of passage onto a bridge built with respect, fairness, diplomacy of “right-for-all” decisions.  For those without these qualities will not have a bridge to move forward into the Aquarius New Age, but instead will have to circle back around to experience and receive as “what goes around, comes around”.  

October 9th through October 15th

The Full Moon on Sunday at 16 Libra / 16 Aries brings the focus to turn the gears of transition, bringing our motives and qualities of our True Self into the realm of connecting with others.  Mercury shifts into Libra, which opens the door to relationships and the qualities utilized during the partnership phase of Pluto’s journey through Capricorn.  Looking at our goals and objectives during this time becomes important as we also feel prompted to move into our right direction, transitioning into alignment with our True Self.  We will have the chance to look at situations to determine the elements that correlate our stepping stones, pointing us into our right direction.  Some of the situations feel unfamiliar, but will ultimately provide us with a way forward.  Knowing that we are making our way through this transition, we see that this temporary phase is a natural part of the journey.  Aligning with our True Self, we will carry our inner knowing and awareness through this time.

October 16th through October 22nd 

This week, we will bring forward ideas, concepts and pursuits that align with our True Self, but that also shift us further into this important time of transition.  We may not feel comfortable with these changes, but yet with Pluto’s upcoming shift into Aquarius, it is a time to trust the inner knowing that we are moving into our right direction.  We are feeling an inner push to take these important steps, yet outwardly we don’t have the reasons.  Building an ark in our backyard comes from this same inner knowing and the alignment with our intuitive directions becomes integral during this phase.  Midweek, we will see the handwriting on the wall as our intuitive sense gets the push needed to recognize our transitions and the need to walk our pathway and journey forward.  Saturday Sun connects with Venus at 29 Libra, bringing forward solutions as our connections with people reflect the changes needed.  Additionally, Saturn turns direct, giving us the focus of accountability that we feel to follow our inner ethics, motives and intentions.

October 23rd through October 29th

This week, Sun shifts into Scorpio, giving us a deeper perspective to see and understand.  We will be gaining insight and awareness as we prepare for the Solar Eclipse / New Moon at 2 Scorpio.  From the deeper awareness, we will be able to see the pathway that calls to us and pushes us forward.  This New Moon is empowered by the Solar Eclipse emphasis and the close proximity of Venus, as instigating the solutions needed as we move through this important time of transition.  Jupiter moves back into Pisces, to emphasize our intuitive guidance and new sense of purpose that is also part of this transition.  As the SEVEN month gives us inner insight, we will have the chance to align with our inner knowing as the sprinkling begins to hit the ark in our backyard.  A time of transition is becoming the inner theme and awareness that provides an inner knowing and vision of this phase.

October 30th through November 5th

This week emphasizes the key elements of information and action, Mars has been moving through the sign of Gemini, ruling information and communication, with Mars ruling the importance of our actions.  On Sunday, Mars turns retrograde at 26 Gemini.  Mars turns retrograde every couple years or so, with this occurrence highlighting the changes that are becoming the stepping stones into our new directions.  Mars will retrograde back to 8 Gemini, which was the focus on September 4th.  Our efforts from that point will begin to create the shifting journey and transition needed at this time.  Between the Solar Eclipse on October 25th and the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, our transitions will become visible and the dynamic journey revealing the higher purpose.  With Sun, Mercury and Uranus veering our life into new directions, the events will prompt us to align with our true directions.  These planetary connections become the guideposts for our new journey, as the pathway is lit with intuitive elements of purpose.

November Overview

November is universally an EIGHT month, giving us the outer focus to see the importance of following the inner alignment prompted in October.  November will bring in many business, career and financial changes as key events open new doors meant to veer us into our right directions.  The sprinkling of this time provides insight into the changes that are shifting us into our pathway that is being lit with intuitive guidance and awareness. 

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