Celestial Trends - July 2022 

July is universally a FOUR month, which emphasizes our efforts to plan, organize and accomplish.  The new concepts that have emerged in June will be brought into the month of July to expand into an action-plan to implement and integrate into our life.


Mars shifts into Taurus in July, which activates the more practical elements which bring our values into expression.  This will provide the energy that is needed to get a lot done and to have something to show for it. With the movement of Sun and Mercury into Leo, a major shift in energy will set a faster pace.  Mercury brings in creative ideas that seem to take on a life of their own and surge forward.


The New Moon on July 28th, becomes the time to take the next major step to move our life up to the next level as concepts continue pull us into new territory. 

Also on the New Moon (28th) we will activate our new focus and begin to unfold our new life as Mercury squares Uranus.  To ensure we understand the importance of leaving the old ways, Jupiter also turns retrograde to go back over key elements to move them out of the way.


Celestial Trends - July 2022

 Celestial Trends - Summary

The New Year of 2022 is universally a SIX year, which brings the changes from the FIVE year of 2021 to integrate into 2022.  The SIX is all about resolving issues to bring harmony and balance into our life.  SIX rules relationships, health and well-being, and the ability to fix and problem-solve situations to emerge as positive and working well for all.  We will look at our life to make important changes in home, work, health and relationships to bring about improvements to create the best circumstances.  READ MORE:  Numerology Trends for 2022


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June 26th through July 2nd

After the stair stepping events of the Moon’s journey last week, additional information will flood into the beginning of the week with the emphasis of the Mercury in Gemini focus.  The New Moon on Tuesday, June 28th will become very dynamic as Mercury will still be bringing in information, Venus still highlighting harmonious solutions, but Sun and Moon together will emphasize the Cancer element of the New Moon.  Cancer is the emotional element that is tied to the mystical and the ethereal.  We will feel that a new energy has moved into our life to bring in deeper concepts and emphasize the spiraling growth of spiritual awareness.   

July 3rd through July 9th
With the new emphasis of the FOUR month, we will plan, organize and discipline our efforts to accomplish all that needs to be done.  Our planning will begin early in the week, as Moon shifts into Virgo, highlighting right-action and putting the key elements into place.  Mid-week we will begin to coordinate our efforts with others that are also aligned with the similar series of tasks.  The connections we have will expand our perspective on the efforts needed.  We will also look deeper into key elements of our life that are demanding more time as our pathway is shifting and changing.  We will begin to see that we need to move out of the old environment leaving the old concepts behind to search for our new directions that are emerging throughout the weekend.


July 10th through July 16th
This week we will bring critical information into our week that pushes us to align our goals, put together our stepping stones to accomplish our tasks.  Midweek, the almost Full Moon rises Tuesday evening giving us the chance to see situations up-close and personal.  This perspective is emphasized on Wednesday as the Full Moon becomes exact, bringing in key career and business dealings, whether in contracts, agreements or merely discussions.  As the week progresses, we bring in a larger group effort to discuss the key elements of the week and align discussions with key decisions over the weekend.  Sun connects with Mercury on Saturday, giving us the pen to sign on the dotted line with our new level of commitment to our new directions.  Sun shines the light onto the information, discussions and communications as the conjunction with Mercury occurs at 24 Cancer, bringing a strong emotional alignment to the connection.

July 17th through July 23rd
This week, we bring the information, discussion and communications as well as our commitment into the events emerging.  The elements of Mercury and Pluto require balance to emphasize a positive impact.  Some want to control situations rather than adjust to the elements in the week.  Monday brings Moon to connect with Jupiter, emphasizing the beautiful array of energies that expand naturally outside of the controls of many.  Tuesday Sun brings light to the balance required to allow the flow of information to determine the best situation, and our alignment to the events will allow the best outcome to emerge.  As we walk through the events of mid-week, there will be lots of adjustments to work with all of the situations, but ultimately the journey provides some interesting twists and turns.  These will  open some important doors to move through to come into a greater awareness and alignment.  Thursday Moon connects with Mars and Uranus, as the winds of change blow in new and different ideas.  These can provide insight into the right timing of situations, rather than an emphasis on our timing.  Sun moves into Leo on Friday, opening the door to a positive shift in energy and the ability to revise situations with a positive placement. 

July 24th through July 30th
The new communication that jumped into the week on Friday has brought an upswing to the positive energy within the upcoming week.  Monday gives us a new way to order and place the sequence of our efforts that will help to bring harmony to the situations.  As we make important adjustments, we will move into the New Moon on Thursday with the focus to move beyond the old ways of operating and to be flexible as situations continue to veer us into our new directions.  The focus on Thursday is on letting go of the old and embracing the new as the future is unfolded before us.  Mercury creating a square to Uranus gives us the task to allow the changes to open new doors.  To be accountable with our sense of purpose and allowing our awareness to lead our new path, we have to let go of the old ways.  Jupiter also turns retrograde on Thursday as well, which allows us to see the major expansion we have experienced and can now go back over to perfect and improve our True Self. 

July 31st to August 6th
As Mars has been in Taurus since early July, Mars has traveled along, bringing in changes that have increased with the winds of change.  On August 1st, Mars connects with Uranus allowing the gale force changes to blow into our life in a major way.  This week also has us moving into the FIVE month of August, which represents change, breakthrough and freedom.  Giving us even more adjustments to experience.  Some adjust well to change and others have no intention of budging an inch.  August requires movement and will give us these important tasks on Day One.  Coming into a time of balance is inherent within the event of the week as we make the shifts and changes as guided by the terrain that is moving us along our right journey.

August Overview

August is universally a FIVE month, which brings change, breakthrough and freedom beginning on August 1st with Mars conjunct the Uranus winds.  The events will blow our sails to move ahead quickly into our revised directions, especially as Mercury has moved ahead of the Sun.  Mercury will continue to stretch the distance beyond the typical 18 degrees, going to 27 degrees ahead of the Sun as each day in August progresses.  This pushes the events of August into the next phase of our life as we move into the open ocean and closer to our new environment.  August is full of major aspects that concentrate the creative Leo energy to bring forward right action and a sense of purpose with humanity to benefit others.  August has a lot of events slated which stem from the major aspects during the month.  We will all accomplish a lot during August as the fast-paced events occur with major requirements, similar to a lively tennis match that has us running all over the court.  We have to be ready for all situations to quickly assess and take action.  

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