Major Aspects in March 2020

  • March 3 - Venus square Saturn - 28 Aries / 28 Capricorn

  • March 8 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 18 Pisces

  • March 8 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 4 Taurus

  • March 9 - Mercury turns direct - 28 Aquarius

  • March 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 19 Pisces / 19 Virgo - FULL MOON 

  • March 18 - Moon conjunct Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn - Capricorn

  • March 19 - Sun enters Aries - Equinox

  • March 20 - Mars conjunct Jupiter - 21 Capricorn

  • March 21 - Saturn enters Aquarius

  • March 22 - Mars conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn

  • March 24 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Aries

  • March 24 - NEW MOON conjunct Chiron - 4 Aries

  • March 29 - April 6 - Jupiter conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn 

  • March 31 - Mars conjunct Saturn - 1 Aquarius

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About Alpha Life Trends

Alpha Life Trends brings the connection of astrology and numerology into to an interwoven understanding of our life. Correlating the events on the material level with our spiritual purpose, we bring a higher understanding of the spiritual purpose to these events. Alpha Life Trends provides a way to map our Life Journey with understanding and awareness of our spiritual purpose. We can begin to know and understand our Life Journey, bringing clarity, awareness, wisdom and inner peace to all events, our challenges and our successes. 

Astrology is the study of the planets, stars and constellations. Knowing that the material plane is a manifestation of the spiritual world, we can derive useful information to help us understand the Divine seasons of life’s events. Numerology is the study of our own personal timing within the Divine seasons of events. Through this understanding of the all-pervading presence of the Divine Oneness guiding the stars and our life, we can unravel the true purpose of our life. In our search for God within our life and the world around us, we can see that we fit into a Divine Plan and we begin to also see that we are given situations and circumstances through our life to respond with either positive or negative reactions. The situations may be given to us, but we are the ones to choose our response. That is our free will choice. These choices determine the events of our future days.

If we respond to life with “lack of understanding”, then we have made an appointment for sometime in the future to try again to “understand.” Some choose to understand and grow, while others act out of fear, fail to understand and blame others for the unhappiness in their life. With these reactions to life’s opportunities, there isn’t much hope of growing beyond the present consciousness and therefore life brings to us more of the same until our reactions to life are coupled with “understanding”. We always have the choice in front of us, with each situation, to grow, understand and love. 

Astrology and numerology can help us understand the Divine opportunities in our life so we can grow this Divine consciousness. Each day we are given many situations and circumstances that have within them the gift of growth, understanding and love. It is our task to respond and bring forth these qualities to allow God within to be expressed in our everyday life. Our response to challenges are the qualities that we bring forward to fill up the holes and empty parts of our life. The glance from the end of our life brings our view to see the sparkling diamonds of Divine qualities brimming out of the holes of our challenges OR qualities of blame and anger fill the pot holes of challenges to show our lack of understanding. Situations are given to us, but our choice of response is our free will. Alpha Life Trends opens the door for greater understanding of events in our Life and the continual presence of our Divine-oriented choices.

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Celestial Trends - March 2020

Mercury in Pisces accentuates our thought process using the intuitive Pisces elements to think and perceive situations in March. 

Even thought Mercury turns direct on March 9th, Mercury continues to be more than 26 degrees behind the Sun, which has information lagging behind the current events by approximately 26 days.  


Most Mercury retrograde events span 18 degrees, which creates the feeling of challenges during Mercury retrograde events, however 26 degrees creates an extreme challenge, which sets the pace for this SEVEN month.  


Mercury is moving forward slowly and will reach less than 18 degrees behind the Sun in mid April, and connect with the Sun again on May 4th.  This extreme span creates feelings of there being a disconnect between the current situations and information. 

As we continue through the SEVEN month of March while Mercury lags behind the Sun, we are able to listen intuitively to infuse inner guidance with our outer activities.  Using faith and trust to lead our life, we continue our journey awaiting Mercury’s information to catch up to the current events. 

Celestial Trends - March 2020

March is universally a SEVEN month, which brings us face to face with our true self. We will have Saturn’s accountability factor as our portfolio that is making the shifts and changes for this Mercury retrograde, but also the surrounding elements of the Capricorn focus of career, business, corporate and financial dealings. Many opportunities emerge as we shift tracks, directions and pursuits. Aligning with our inner essence gives us the options earned through the lineup of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. SEVEN has us take inventory of our inner essence and the importance of aligning our life with our true purpose.

March 1 through March 7
With this week as Mercury’s last retrograde swing and the fact that we are in a SEVEN month, our inner world takes on great importance, bringing us face-to-face for many important realizations. We will move forward with these realizations as Mercury turns direct on March 9th and we are able to align our life with our new sense of purpose. We are ready to transition into this important week listening to the inner voice and to continue to have faith and trust as our new pathway begins to emerge.

March 8 through March 14
March brings our focus to deepen our perspective and to adjust awareness of our true inner essence. March accentuates the spiritual elements that are also relevant during the Pisces Mercury retrograde. As our spiritual essence emerges and we come into alignment, our spiritual blueprints begin to shift and change providing us with a new pathway moving forward.  Mercury turning direct see many elements of our blueprints shift and our pathway veers into different terrain.

March 15 through March 21
One of the critical elements in March occurs as the Mercury retrograde lags behind the Sun by more than 26 degrees, which becomes more obvious this week.  Mercury shifts into Pisces on March 17th and Sun shifts into Aries on March 19th, creating a strong feeling of information being disconnected from reality.  Usually Mercury retrograde events has these events but with much less extreme span between Mercury and Sun.  During the time Mercury is behind the Sun, we have to maintain our sense of inner faith and trust in situations as emphasized through intuitively aligning our spiritual direction with our true inner essence.  Confident, trust and faith are the companions during this time.  With the additional feeling of shifting terrain during this SEVEN month, we will have an important week revealing our true inner alignment.

March 22 through March 28
Another key aspect of this month is the New Moon on March 24th, as Sun, Moon and Chiron connect at 4 Aries. The new beginnings that emerge are aligned and determined by Chiron’s spiritual savings account. As we pursue these new pathways, we will have several options, but the ones that are right are according to Chiron’s spiritual savings account as earned by dealing with challenges. [Read more: Chiron]. Our way forward, as spurred by this Aries New Moon provides the pathway that has been earned through the challenges experienced during the Uranus in Aries events, from 2011 to 2019. Aries emphasizes the self through choosing right action or pulling rewards from others in the quest driven by entitlement. The Moon events, New and Full, are connected to very integral aspects geared to move us into our right direction.

March 29 through April 4
Mars and Saturn shift into Aquarius at the end of the month, emphasizing the critical elements of unity, fairness as we become aware of a larger global community.  Events and situations will require our accountability shift in our right action choices regarding our interactions with others.  April brings in a faster pace as the EIGHT universal influence creates major events.  EIGHT rules business, career, finances and corporate scenarios.  With the challenges of the SEVEN behind us, the EIGHT takes off galloping into April's busy activities.

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Written by Karyl Jackson
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