Celestial Trends - July 2020

July is Universally an ELEVEN / TWO month, emphasizing our sensitivity to others and the ELEVEN focus of right action toward others as aligned with the spiritual elements of Truth.  


July has the tall requirements of the ELEVEN signaling the accountability to a higher source or the TWO of a smaller vision of self and entitlement.  This creates a gap that spans a lot of people, with accountability as the theme and journey for July.  


At the beginning of the month, July 4th,  the Lunar Eclipse at 13 Cancer/13 Capricorn aligns our feelings with the desire to accomplish all that we can to bring positive situations into our environment.  This high tide of energy ignites our sense of purpose and passion as we bring in our inner and outer alignment with our core essence of beliefs.  


This Lunar Eclipse opens up the pathway that is lit up by our alignment, as the ELEVEN heralds in a high sense of purpose, and the TWO confines the entitlement elements to the restrictive awareness that can't move beyond a small perspective.  Read more:   

Celestial Trends - July 2020

Celestial Trends - Weekly Summary

Celestial Trends – June 28th through July 4th
This week we begin the transition out of June and into July, even as Mercury retrograde in Cancer is reviewing essential situations.  June’s ONE month of new beginnings, highlighted by the Solar Eclipse on June 20th, will have important implications as we move into July and out of Mercury retrograde.  Jupiter connects with Pluto, which highlights the elements of use or misuse of power that have been expanded this year through the three connections of Jupiter to Pluto.  Jupiter has been following behind Pluto’s power issues to collect the information needed to bring forward.  Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, and Jupiter’s last stint in Capricorn was also in 2008, so many situations will be transparent, and come into view during this process. Sun connects with Mercury retrograde, which spotlights information that is brought to the surface.  Sun highlights the information integral to this retrograde focus in the Cancer sector, which provides our true emotional essence as aligned with our core being.  Many decisions made today will be brought forward once Mercury turns direct on July 12th, as recognition of our true feelings become visible.

July 5th through July 11th 

This week we take the high tide of events from the Lunar Eclipse on July 4th and bring them into this week as we set up the revision of our purpose and passion.  We have to realign our feelings in order to empower our sense of purpose.  Mid-week, Mercury retrograde in Cancer creates a square to Mars in Aries, which causes the rusted gears to turn.  Our feelings are prompting us to take action toward our new expression and we have to change out of our old way of life to move into our new venue. On Saturday Moon connects with Mars, which emboldens our feeling to move toward the expression of how we truly feel.  As we push our feelings into more expression of our purpose, Mercury turns direct on the 12th as the door opens with our new direction.  


July 12th through July 18th 
Mercury turns direct on Sunday to start the process of bringing us into our greater expression as our new sense of purpose unfolds our new direction.  Tuesday and Wednesday Sun shines the light onto our true feelings as Jupiter and Pluto provide the elements of the outside world that are now subject to change as true feelings become visible.  This also brings in the transparency of information that doesn’t connect to the outer positions as the misalignment to the Capricorn status of business, corporate and financial levels are not supported by the true feelings that are spotlighted.  This misalignment becomes the focus for this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, as Sun opposition to Jupiter and Sun opposition to Pluto, but also into next week with Sun opposition to Saturn’s accountability requirements.  This week sets up the thrust that ousts positions because of lack of accountability as the Sun shines the light onto the gap between outer positions and true inner essence.  

July 19th through July 25th
With the Sun spotlighting the true inner essence on the 14th and 15th with Jupiter and Pluto, Sun comes to reveal major elements of accountability as Sun creates an opposition to Saturn.  This is the third spotlight onto issues of business, corporate and financial dealings that are either balanced or misaligned.  Saturn as the third focus brings accountability issues forward that have been at play for quite some time, but have been brought to this spotlight from 2017, when Saturn first entered Capricorn. Sun shines the light onto the true inner essence and true feelings and the connection to the Capricorn focus of our outer dealings and positions of influence within the corporate world. Additionally Sun connects with Moon, creating a New Moon that opens up new beginnings as the focus of accountability comes into view.  Sun shining the light onto true feelings shows the accountability elements as they start within each person.  The new beginnings provide the true alignment of accountability.  Sun shifts into Leo on Wednesday, opening up the expression that is ignited from the true feelings.  How that expression is seen in the outside world begins to show the true alignment or the misalignment.

July 26th through August 1st
Moon shifts into Scorpio on Sunday evening opening up the transparency perspective.  This presents many situations that have been evolving since the Sun provided the spotlight onto the accountability issues.  This week more information begins to come forward that ultimately opens up the Moon in Sagittarius, which provides the information onto the table as indisputable evidence.  This becomes the progression for this week that ultimately brings Mercury into the opposition with Jupiter at 20 Capricorn on Thursday.  The issues that were uncovered with Moon entering into the Scorpio sector reveals issues that go back to Jupiter’s first entrance into Capricorn with Pluto in 2008.  With information surfacing, Sagittarius ruling honesty and a direct and to-the-point communication, that is in full visibility on Thursday as Mercury and Jupiter require alignment.  The information that surfaces this week becomes evident as all of the corresponding extremities are seen.  

August Celestial Trends
August is universally a THREE month that brings expression into focus as spurred by the true emotional sense of purpose and passion.  As August opens the door for communication, the articulation alignment or misalignment becomes more apparent as accountability and true balance is required.  Mars in Aries brings this alignment into focus as squares are created to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  Mars brings actions into view, and the square to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn requires shifts and changes for the misalignment to be revised into the right action alignment.  Mid-month, the Uranus winds of change begin to blow as the alignments begin to adjust to their appropriate true expression.  The accountability theme becomes the major focus for this month as the square of Mars in Aries to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn creates the major shifts slated for this time.

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Written by Karyl Jackson
Copyright 2020. © Alpha Life Trends.  All Rights Reserved.

Photographs by Karyl Jackson

Major Aspects in July 2020

  • July 1 - Saturn retrograde moves from Aquarius back into Capricorn sector

  • July 4 - Sun opposition Moon - FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE - 13 Cancer / 13 Capricorn

  • July 8 - Mercury retrograde square Mars - 8 Cancer / 8 Aries

  • July 12 - Mercury turns direct - 5 Cancer - 1:21 pm PDT

  • July 14 - Sun opposition Jupiter retrograde - 22 Cancer / 22 Capricorn

  • July 15 - Sun opposition Pluto retrograde - 23 Cancer / 23 Capricorn

  • July 20 - Sun opposition Saturn retrograde - 29 Cancer / 29 Capricorn

  • July 20 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 29 Cancer

  • July 22 - Sun enters Leo

  • July 30 - Mercury opposition Jupiter retrograde - 20 Cancer / 20 Capricorn







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Photographs by Karyl Jackson  © 2020   |  Alpha Life Trends  |  All Rights Reserved