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Celestial Trends - Sept 2023 

SEPTEMBER is universally a SEVEN month*;  Formula is: SEPTEMBER is the 9th month of the year (9 + the SEVEN year of 2023, added together is 9 + 7 = 16, 1 + 6 = 7. )  


Therefore SEPTEMBER is universally a SEVEN month, which gives us a deeper perspective through transparency as Mercury turns direct midmonth, which integrates right-action decisions. The winds of change are a key factor during the month as many
pieces of information break out of hiding and are tossed about giving us a different perspective.


SEVEN emphasizes wisdom as well as bringing in the information that is the result of digging around to determine the real situation and making choices aligned with right-action.


The New Moon on September 14th followed by Mercury turning direct on September 15th, provides the one-two punch to bring in the information to line up decisions to do the right thing.


Celestial Trends - September 2023

Celestial Trends - Summary

Deeper feelings and the new beginnings emerging becomes the push to see situations from a real perspective as facts and new information hits our shore mid month. Many events slated for September will give us pieces of the puzzle that will change our original assumption of the picture that we have had in our mind. As we put more and more pieces onto the table, the perspective evolves and ultimately gives us the chance to come to real, solid, but different conclusions than our original concepts. 


September as a universal SEVEN month, we are pulled to look at situations from a deeper level and to take the tablecloth off of situations to see the true facts. SEVEN rules wisdom, analysis and realizations. Clarity through seeing real facts and issues is inherent within the SEVEN focus. With the Uranus winds of change determining the key aspects of the month as well as Mercury in Virgo for the bulk of the month, transparency will give us a lot to think about. As many facts hit our doorstep, the SEVEN emphasizes realizations that counter our previous concepts and push us beyond our old ideas. The key aspects bring information out from the corners of situations as well as the winds open previously obscure windows to bring major revelations forward. a SEVEN* month emphasizing the inner elements of life, and how the inner capabilities unfold our true talents through expression.


September provides the review of situations and circumstances experienced and the inner response to situations. With a lot happening on an inner level the tip of the iceberg hardly shows all of the happenings under the surface, which is the main focus of events this year. September brings in the importance of looking at situations from a much deeper level and to understand all that is happening in the inner realms. From the strength and depth of the SEVEN month, the energy shifts mid month with Mercury turning direct to allow more of the inner qualities to be visible. The visibility of the inner qualities and talents begins to reveal everything as key planetary shifts and changes turn up the volume of events as well as set a faster pace.


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Written by Karyl Jackson
Copyright 2023. © Alpha Life Trends.  All Rights Reserved.


Photographs by Karyl Jackson
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