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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your FOUR basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 1 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct

FOUR – With a FOUR as a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you look at situations in a very organized approach through specific requirements and implementing a very disciplined approach.  You gravitate toward the basic, proven methodology that brings results and consistency.  You have the natural talent to work diligently to organize, plan and accomplish what needs to be done.  FOUR is a building number and it is using the logical processes to go from Point A to Point B, which also requires effort to carry the process along.  You respond to situations by assessing the situation in a very logical manner and to determine the tasks needed, organize the steps and move your efforts to achieve your goals.  If you have a TWENTY-TWO/FOUR type of approach you aim toward perfection and have a strong ability to inspire others to achieve perfection as well.

2022 Personal Year

New beginnings are created through the circumstances and events of 2022.  The ONE year highlights the initiative and jumpstart that will push you into new avenues.  You will be choosing a different pathway than before and exploring different opportunities that emerge.  You will set your sites in directions that open doors to express different talents and capabilities.  You begin to realize that there is not a mirror to reflect your value as you carve out the ONE year, you will create your own image and reflection as you move through the year.  Feeling like the new kid on the block, and the one that is outside of the norm will be the feeling about events, even if there is nothing that changes in the outside world, the feeling of being the new kid seems to just occur.  Making choices of your what you want your new image to be will be the focus each month.  

April will be the month that brings in change, activities blow in different situations and travel options emerge as well.  You will feel that you have to step up to the plate, even if it is unfamiliar in order to do something different and to show your true talents.

June accentuates circumstances that seem to challenge the new focus and gives you situations that you want to back down from trying something new.  Yet, it is important to keep going and to move forward with confidence even if you don't have anything to base your perceptions on, keep to your own counsel.  Your inner strength is being built at this time, so continue onward.

July will ultimately bring you the opportunities to emerge and having a stronger confidence level, you begin to push into new territory.  July will give you a sense of success that validates your pursuits and provides the results you have envisioned.  From the challenges you experienced in June you will be able to feel good about facing difficulties and having the strength to continue.

September provides the review of all that you have experience.  Turning around you can see how far  you have come and begin to feel good about all of the situations you have endured.  You have built a new level of expression and that comes from exploring the unfamiliar and unknown, but putting yourself out there.

November opens the door to creative options and gives you a positive feeling of being seen for yourself and have the positive feedback that brings in a sense of accomplishment, even creative designs and unique ideas.  Expanding the confidence to lay it all out there allows others to see the unique talents that you have available.

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