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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your FIVE basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 11/2 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct (Birth Month + Day)

With a FIVE in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you are attracted to information, communication and change.  You have a tendency to collect information everywhere you go or through everything you read. You have strong mental capabilities that jump out into situations through inventive thoughts and ideas as well as the ability to communicate in the midst of change or changing situations.  You like change, while others avoid it like the plague.  You are quick witted and like to volley ideas back and forth with others as a way to interact and engage with others.  You usually have a specific talent or inventive ability that is expressed throughout your life, whether you have brought ideas from previous lives or build them from the current life.  You will be able to combine the right concepts to use in a unique way.

2022 Personal Year

With You are building your relationships through bringing forward personal qualities and capabilities that give you a lot to do this year.  You will be working with a lot of different people and negotiating with many to move projects forward.  You join different groups and projects that contain people that are very different and yet, you are able to pull them forward to make the group work and work well.  The year will see that it is built on continual effort to make impossible relationships work, but the year is similar to a hen sitting on a nest.  It will take the effort of 2022 to truly blend your skills with partnerships to bring solutions into the group setting.  The ELEVEN option gives you a greater vision of spiritual purpose and the focus of your higher purpose in each of the months that unfold your new life.  

March will be a month of change as many situations blow around you and shuffle the circumstances into something unique.  This happens to give you the very reason to bring out your harmonizing talents and draw together those qualities that make groups and teams work.  

May brings in challenges with people that seem to be very short sited or have little patience and have a tendency to bark, hiss and growl.  You may not have done anything to get this response, but non-the-less, it is happening. You will utilize your problem-solving capabilities to minimize the issues and accentuate the positive.

June will open the door to some very positive successes, even after the barks and growls of May.  June brings you a natural way to emphasize positive situations and you will be in the spotlight to your efforts having made the difference.  Your success will help to smooth the situations experienced and keep you moving forward in positive ways.

August opens the door to accept new opportunities, career choices as some exciting options emerge.  You will be very pleased to look at the situations and feel very positive about the opportunities that are now looking very good.  You will be ready to launch into new directions and take advantage of the situations that are emerging.

October gives you the chance to use your creativity.  By thinking outside the box, you will look to expand your ideas that have been chomping at the bit to jump out of the corral and express yourself in many ways.

December brings in another group of changes that have been waiting in the wings.  You are about ready to launch into situations that present you with more changes and options to consider.  These are good, positive and opportunistic choices.

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