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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your SEVEN basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 4 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct

SEVEN – With a SEVEN in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you look at situations through a deeper perspective and you are able to understand the dynamics of people, places and things because of your analytical ability.  You look for answers and put things into a logical format that gives reasons for situations and circumstances.  You are the scientist, researcher, alchemist and analysist all mixed together, yet you appear simple and unassuming.  You have a deeper understanding of situations and people and continue to look for more information to deepen your knowledge.  You ask the perpetual question of WHY, and therefore pursue the answers throughout your years.  You search for more information than most and typically have a vast amount of knowledge, yet few know unless they ask.  Then the vast library begins to be revealed.

2022 Personal Year

You will bring your discipline, efforts and determination forward to plan, organize and accomplish your goals.  Many ideas were brought into your life last year and now they are clamoring to be brought into manifestation.  You will have to put your efforts to work and become very efficient and productive. You will fine-tune your efforts and put together the right regiment for your goals to be accomplished.  FOUR is a year of work, disciplined effort and building the life that you truly want.  TWENTY-TWO/FOUR year brings in a higher perspective that you feel compelled to follow, as the spiritual intuitive visions give you a sense that you are aligning with a higher purpose for humanity.  You will look at the key building blocks that you have used in your life so far and begin to address the issues of whether they are relevant to your life now.  You will also look at the concepts that are part of these building blocks and who put the concepts into place.  As you review these concepts you will see that many are no longer relevant and that the concepts that you accepted are not from you, but are outer rules that have kept you hemmed in.  This presents you with the opportunities within this year to revise your life and the foundation that you have had.  It is time to grow a life from a true foundation, which is the major issue to be addressed in the FOUR year. The TWENTY-TWO is the higher octave of the FOUR, pushing you to follow a higher vision and to engage a stronger spiritual energy into your efforts.  The vision pulls you to do more, to aim higher and to accomplish according to your inner guidance.  The TWENTY-TWO year is Divinely inspired.

January gives you changes that you will begin to adopt in your life and shift situations in and many situations out. These revisions will be important as you address your concepts and prioritize your life.  You will experience a new wave of awareness, which will impact you perceptions and give you the reasons to reprioritize your goals.  

March opens the door to the challenging situations that will push you into new direction, many that you have not considered previously.  Your focus is to look deeper into situations as there is an underlying reason for the events that are now emerging.  You become more aware of the situations that are ending so that you will see the freedom as the blessing in disguise.

April gives you the opportunity to fill in the empty space that was created by the challenging elements from March. Having the freedom to look beyond the old situations, you will find that opportunities abound and many situations are beckoning you to engage and participate in new ways.  

June brings in a gust of new ideas and concepts that billow your sails, pushing you into new directions, which you had not considered previously.  You have to lift your visions to see the new energies on the horizon as you are called into different directions.  The winds at your back push you further from the environment you knew and gives you a new concept to grow and develop.

August brings in many new and different people as if there is a revolving door that is packed with people moving into your environment.  Your work tasks and projects grow exponentially with each new person that comes in.  You will find that the non-stop tasks keep you very busy and active as if there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything you want.  

October brings in a series of changes, that help to move you forward as you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Situations are shifting, the old moving out of the way and the new coming in to replace the gaps in the foundation. Continuing to rebuild your base, your efforts are making headway and giving you the chance to have a solid basis for the new goals and priorities in your life.  

December gives you the chance to pull inward and will nicely coincide with the wintery type of season.  You will look at your self in different ways and have the opportunity to look deeper into situations and circumstances.  Feeling an inner connection with yourself, you will be glad to spend time without a lot of extra activities.

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