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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your SIX basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 3 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct

SIX – With a SIX in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you are a natural problem-solver and are very good at resolving issues within relationships.  You seem to naturally collect stray cats, stray dog, stray people, stray problems, as you have a “I solve problems” persona that magnetically brings people to you who are lost in one way or another.  You help to bring guidance and direction to situations that ultimately create harmony, balance and ease.  You may also have a talent for health and healing as these tendencies are aligned on all of the levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You help to solve and fix situations to bring harmony into relationships or individual pursuits.  

2022 Personal Year

You are coming into a creative time in which you can expand out of the previous situations and challenges and use your artistic skillset.  With 2022 as a problem-solving year, you will bring many ideas and concepts forward that have a positive impact.  Your ability to think outside the box to bring in innovative and unique ideas will give you a new surge of energy.  As you make a splash in the areas around you, people will provide positive feedback about your skills and efforts.  Integrating your inspiration into the ordinary will make a difference for many people.  You will find that your gift this year is to bring in more imagination that sets the stage to open more fun and enjoyment with others.

February brings change and movement of different situations that allow you to move up and expand your talents. The changing situations around you will naturally pull your abilities into new and different expression.  You are moving your energy into avenues that have more room and a broader scope of expansion.

April gives you some different challenges that prompt you to review and revise some of the tasks or projects that you have completed.  This revision allows you to bring in more inspiration to create and improve your work. Seeing the positive side of the situations allows you to use the tasks for bigger and better things.

May brings in success as you are able to shift your focus to gain a new foothold with your efforts to increase, improve, expand and inspire your situations, circumstances and environment.  You will open the doors that have previously been closed and see the opportunities within the very situation that can benefit from your efforts.  

July opens news doors to your desire to strike out into new expressions, whether it is to take a trip or to do something out of the ordinary.  You want to grow, and the events of July give you the very situations you are looking for to take advantage of the expansive energy that is pushing you to explore.

September gives you a chance to review all that you have accomplished and to complete many creative projects that you have worked on.  With the ability to broaden your horizons by using your true talents, you have brought more energy into your environment that connects you with people, places and things.  September opens the door to seeing more of your natural abilities be utilized and gives you a greater comfort with this expression.

November prompts you to set new goals and to determine the stepping stones needed to move forward.  You have the chance to get out of the ruts that have been a mainstay, and they become the last elements of your life to expand and break free from any limitations.  The year has brought you the options to grow beyond your past, and the events of November have brought you into a new threshold.


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