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Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter pushes us  beyond our comfort zone with Aries ruling our TRUE SELF and the transparency of revealing our intuitive connections and motives as well as our spiritual purpose.

Jupiter stays in each sign for approximately 12 months/1 year.  Jupiter shifted Aries May 2022 and will be in Aries til May 11, 2023.  Jupiter will then move into Taurus as financial elements begin to shift as many revealing situations bubble up to the surface giving us the very reasons to value our God-given Rights.  Th year that Jupiter is in Taurus, May 2023 to May 2024, we will begin to realize the Truth about our financial situations and the need to protect our God-given Rights from the Pluto in Capricorn people and businesses that created and misused power.  Through the transparency emerging with Jupiter in Taurus, many major reveals will occur, as the cosmic clock provides the shifts that bring Truth to be visible as well as the motives that are not a part of the New Age that is emerging.   Nothing can stop the planets from their perfect positions of timing.  To understand their higher purpose and True Meaning a greater understanding provides clarity. 


More coming soon.

Written by Karyl Jackson. © 2023 Alpha Life Trends. All Rights Reserved.

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Photographs by Karyl Jackson
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