Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter pushes us  beyond our comfort zone with Capricorn ruling career, business and financial dealings.

Jupiter stays in each sign for approximately 12 months/1 year.  Jupiter shifting into Capricorn has a strong and very dynamic impact on the lay of the land with current situations and events.  Capricorn rules business, career and financial elements as well as our position of power and influence within these arenas. Jupiter expands our view into situations and stretches us beyond our comfort zone as we address these Capricorn elements.  Jupiter moving into Capricorn follows Saturn, which has been moving through Capricorn for 2018, 2019 and 2020* has been addressing situations through the focus of responsibility and accountability.  

Saturn first entered Capricorn in December 2017 and spent all of 2018 taking a look at the Capricorn set up for accountability within the business, career and financial arenas.  Saturn has  followed Pluto all through the year of 2019, staying behind Pluto by a couple of degrees, addressing the use and misuse of Pluto’s power and bringing forward the accountability factors of Saturn.  Saturn will catch up to Pluto on January 12th, 2020, right after the Lunar Eclipse on January 10th that creates the spark of visibility as Saturn and Pluto connect to the degree by the light of the dynamic Full Moon. 

Jupiter following up behind this conjunction of epic proportions will expand our view to see the accountability factors coming into play that will set the pace for 2020.  A line-up of planetary events begins  December 25th with a Solar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn, bringing in the Sun connection with Jupiter on December 27th.  This Solar Eclipse expands our view, perspective and assessment of the dramatic connection with Jupiter’s magnifying glass bringing everything into view.  Many element of Capricorn will begin to stretch our concepts of the world beyond our comfort zone, especially when Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21st.  
Jupiter ultimately follows Saturn and Pluto to view all of the events that transpired in 2019 as Jupiter will stay within the degrees of 17 – 28 Capricorn.  Jupiter will connect with Pluto at 24 Capricorn in early April 2020, which will bring a powerful perspective of Pluto’s use or misuse of Power into view in a very detailed viewpoint.  When Jupiter holds this perspective, Saturn will have transitioned into Aquarius, emphasizing the focus on humanity, right action and fairness.  Major shifts and changes will come under scrutiny with accountability factors having a heavy hand from March through July, as Saturn in Aquarius requires our accountability to be seen from a global perspective.  

Historically, Pluto is moving through the same sign and degrees of Capricorn that led up to the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776, with “We the People” solidifying a new shift of power that is the ultimate purpose of Pluto.  

Jupiter entering into Capricorn will have a very dynamic impact on a personal and world stage with situations that date back to 2008, the last time that Jupiter entered Capricorn and was the year that Pluto shifted into Capricorn.  Many situations that rise to the surface to be addressed while Jupiter is in Capricorn (December 2019 through December 2020), will have their roots of events that go back to 2008. 

Jupiter will prepare us to have a more global approach to our career,   business and financial pursuits as we understand the upcoming dynamic of Jupiter and Saturn shifting into Aquarius in December 2020.  The global concepts of fairness, unity, and accountability with how we treat each other as we are all in this time together, as we make our efforts to be "right-for-all".

Written by Karyl Jackson. © 2020 Alpha Life Trends. All Rights Reserved.

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Photographs by Karyl Jackson

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Written by Karyl Jackson © 2020   |  Alpha Life Trends  |  All Rights Reserved

Photographs by Karyl Jackson  © 2020   |  Alpha Life Trends  |  All Rights Reserved

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