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The Transition into the Aquarius New Age 

Saturn connects with Pluto every 40 years.  Pluto out in front of Saturn in each sign since 1982 has brought forward the use or misuse of power.   Pluto in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn allowed people to use these qualities in various pursuits to increase their power of influence.  Once Saturn shifts in front of Pluto, the negative approach of making a difference, to bully and bluster, using the oppressor approach to lie, cheat and steal, will no longer be hidden and the results will no longer bring success. The right-use of POWER will fall behind Saturn’s accountability, and the successes as well as the reconciliation for past deeds will begin to bring rewards or to recoil.  In January 2020, Saturn emerged as the leader through the Capricorn sector, which brings all of the accountability elements forward, especially in Capricorn, which rules business, corporate, and financial dealings, but also the Scorpio elements of motives, ethics and intentions, as well as the Sagittarius elements of education, church and religious beliefs, and higher laws and courts.  Saturn began to review and audit the accountability qualities as Saturn turned retrograde May 2020.  This strict planet will audit and demand alignment with accountability from September 28, 2020 forward, as Saturn turns direct in Capricorn and will reward or bring recoil requirements for reconciliation as Saturn completes the journey in Capricorn, and prepares to move into Aquarius in December 2020.  The graphics below provide additional information about the planetary influences and overlay of effects during this time period.   


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Transition into the Aquarius Age

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providing house placement of Aquarius in birth chart

Personal Year information for 2021

Information of the Aquarius New Age

December 2020 to January 2044

Written by Karyl Jackson © Alpha Life Trends December 2020.  All Rights Reserved. Please honor the copyright material.

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