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The Beginning

Early in the morning, the stars are still out and the moon if to symbolize that the world we live in is truly a place in the heavens.

...then the stars begin to fade as the morning glow rises out of the east. The sun becomes a spot light shining on the stage of our life as if to activate our individual part in this world....and the stars, moon and heavens have faded away to a memory for those who remember.

The sun warms and grows us as individuals to play the part and express the qualities and talents we have been given by Life. We get enthralled in the happenings and events, with feeling excited, thankful, and blessed  about tomorrow.

And yet sometimes we can feel so alone in our world, that the challenges are so severe that they make us think that the heavens have even forgotten that we are here. Sometimes the day can leave us looking up to the heavens to see if we can even see the stars and moon at all, or whether it is only a fleeting dream.

....then after the day is done and we set the individual events aside like crumpled up colors of clothes on a distant floor, the sunset fades. With the colors of the day fading into the basic hue of peace and deep tranquility, the stars, moon and heavens come again as if to remind us that they are indeed still there, we have not been forgotten... and Life brings in the heavens again to remind us of the TRUE world we live in..........

Thank God for another day of Life!

About Me

I've been studying astrology and numerology since 1969. Having grown up in a family full of unique (and strange) dynamics, I wanted to understand why each person perceived situations from a particular perspective and chose a particular response to situations.  Realizing I was very different than those in my family, I was left with a myriad of questions with few answers.  Astrology and numerology provided the best resource for me to understand the unique dynamics of perspective and choices.  Having the family dynamics that prompted me to ask a lot of questions about life, I was drawn to Eastern Philosophy very early, which rounded out my ability to understand people, their reactions to situations and their choices of words and actions.  These resources have provided a great depth of understanding and acceptance of others, and a way to understand life, our purpose, and our journey that brings clarity and awareness.   

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