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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your  THREE  basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 9 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct

THREE – With a THREE in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you are able to utilize creativity through thinking and perceiving differently than others.  You are also able to express yourself through different avenues as well, which gives you a unique element of thinking and living outside the box in many areas of your life.  Whether an artist, musician, communicator or entrepreneur you create opportunities out of the ordinary, and expand the unique attributes to allow others to see and appreciate your talents.  You spin many unique designs and concepts on a regular basis through thoughts and ideas.  Coming up with innovative concepts gives you a unique expression that makes you a charismatic and dynamic individual. 

2022 Personal Year

This is the completion year of a NINE year cycle, which has been completed and you are moving into a transitionary year.  You have completed the old themes and will not have to walk through the situations of the old fading.  You will have the option to move forward and the terrain is beginning to shift under your feet.  The stage is changing as you are picked up, put down onto a different stage with different props, people and purpose.  Your life is evolving and veering into new and unique directions.  You will realize that the curtain of the past had dropped down and the themes of the past are completed.  Your new stage has not yet been populated and no one has handed you the new script to this upcoming movie.  During this transition you will not know where you are headed because otherwise, you would preempt many of the choices and take the first out of the transition and transformation taking place.  

January opens the door to a blank canvas.  The old is no longer relevant or visible or a part of your life.  You look at the current stage of people, places and things and realize that you can’t identify with any of it any more.  This gives you the chance to come into your own intuition and innovative essence to determine your next steps along your spiritual path.

March brings in a few more choices and options that become like the first few puzzle pieces that seem to be a token of information that gives you some information, but at least it is something.  You have different elements that area coming into your life from people, places, and events.  You are making adjustments to the changes that are coming onto your stage.  

May prompts you to leave the old environment, to step off the shore of the past and onto the boat that is going to take you to your new land.  The old shore is all that you know and even thought it feels empty now, it is all that you have known.  You have one foot on the boat and one foot on the shore and you know that it is time to hop onto the boat as the time to transition is in mid May.  You don’t have anything to go on but feel inwardly it is right and you decide it is time to transition onto the boat.

July has you look at the past and the old shore, but know there is even less now at the old shore as you have taken the only thing important from there onto the boat.  The only thing of importance is you and all of your knowledge, awareness and understanding.  You realize that is all you truly have in life anyway and that this journey is right.

August brings you the new land now visible on the horizon and it brings you with the feelings that it is right for you. You have an inner knowing that it is all correct and that situations are unfolding in the way they should.   As the month evolves you will feel that your new land is a great fit for the person that you have become.  You now can begin to see the reason for the transitions into your new land, in that it is time to recognize the person you are ready to become in your next phase. 

October opens the door for new directions that become visible now that you are on your new land, exploring many opportunities  to bring out the new you.  Situations have changed and you are ready to move forward in innovative ways that seem to be right and pull you into motion.  

December presents you with a new level of optimism as you have made many changes, and a new life is emerging. Your excitement with this new phase is ready to unfold new options and opportunities.  You have become more of your true self and have a new level of excitement that spurs you onward.

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