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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your NINE basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 6 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct

NINE – With a NINE in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you have a focus of the larger scope of people, humanity, community and acceptance of all.  NINE is also universal which gives you the ability to work with all types of people, whether young, old, national or foreign, knowledgeable or learning.  You have the ability to be a friend to all and others see you as someone who understands them.  This opens the door to very favorable relationships and friendships as well as interactions with all.  You have a larger framework of understanding and acceptance about people, places and events, which invites others to divulge information to you freely and naturally feel you are a friend.  

2022 Personal Year

With the shifting terrain in the past, you move forward in search for solid ground.  You want to build something solid within your home, work, relationships as well as health and healing.  You move forward and make determinations about each of these areas and what needs to be adjusted to result in gaining a new sense of stability.  SIX brings in resolutions and helps to fix, retrofit and improve many areas of your life.  Through efforts to harmonize and balance, adjustments seem to come naturally and gives you the chance to bring them forward.   Your efforts throughout the year will shift you from one thing to another to harmonize and ultimately bring balance into your life.

January gives you a lot to think about as you begin to realize how much needs to be fixed or tweaked.  A lot of tasks seem to be needed, one right after the other.  This keep you very busy during the first month of the year. Handling everything with a confident calm is the desire, but it will be tested several times as you handle all of the situations.

February brings in a new level of confidence as you begin to handle situations easily and don’t feel the pressure that you did in January.  February has similar circumstances but the approach makes situations easier and the fix isn’t so challenging.  

April prompts you to think independently about the situations you are involved with as your home and work environments seem to be full of activities and require a quickened pace.  You are thinking of different concepts to make the changes needed to retrofit the current situations with an improvement to make things better.  You will be rolling a lot of ideas in your head and mulling over many situations as you come up with various concepts.  

June gives you spontaneous events that require you to be quick on your feet and to bring solutions into the current environment.  You will do this well, but at times you will feel that situations keep happening one right after the others to fix and solve.  Knowing that June brings you a lot of little issues to resolve helps to deal with situations that can be annoying, but instead tap your intuition and creativity.  

August gives you a boost of situations that break you out of the rut and offer you day trips or something unique. You may think you don’t have time to pull away from all of the problems you are solving, but you will find that the break actually helps to hone in on the solutions that have seemed so illusive.  You will greatly appreciate the break and the chance to have a change of scenery.  

October brings in the challenges that pull you inside, to think and rethink about situations.  You will look at your perspective and attitude and begin to realize that these two areas need to be revised.  They have been the filter that has been used to define your self, truth and situations.  The events of October prompt you to see that these two elements are completely a choice and it is time to review and revise your decisions that define your life.

November opens the door to see that life has moved you into a new environment with new perceptions and attitudes and the difference that it makes as you have the freedom to make different choices.  You will look at how these perceptions were formed and see that it is now time to backtrack to before these definitions were put into your life to then see the options and choices that exist.  Many realizations begin to occur and prepare to usher you into the SEVEN year which will bring monumental changes to your inner essence and perspective.

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