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2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your ONE basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 7 Personal Year]

Basic Instinct
ONE – With a major numerology placement, you have to be independent and leader of your own life.  You cannot look to others to follow, you have to follow your own lead.  Having initiative will be emphasized and situations will push you to create your own pathway, follow your own course and instigate your own perspective.  You have to have a strong commitment to right action and to pursue the highest response to situations.  Wherever you have the ONE within your Life Journey Chart, you have to realize that life will push you into reliance of Self and into having the command of your discipline, strength and ethical intentions.

2022 Personal Year   


The door opens to look back at how far you have come and all that you have accomplished.  You will look at the great strides made and yet see that your life is leading you into a direction where you can make even more progress.  Your inner world is expanding and pulling you to engage in deep thought and consideration about what makes up you as a person and how you fit into the universe.  The spiritual elements become important and take on a greater sense of purpose as you revise this understanding.  You will change a lot inwardly this year, which is hard to explain to others as it has required to be your solo journey.  Your intuition and inner concepts are evolving in a very dramatic way, sending you into life to realize how different every day looks when your perspective changes.  You will realize your natural talents that have been sitting on the shelf to see them in a different perspective as well as all that you previously conceived as challenges.  Your understanding is changing and evolving exponentially.  

March brings in new situations that prompt you to look at them differently to see the different aspects than what you had seen before.  You will be ready to launch into new directions and explore new territory because of your different perceptions that are emerging.  Your confidence in striking out in new ways comes from realizing that it is time to explore different ways of thinking and perceiving.

May accentuates the innovative, inventive and strong initiative that pushes you into new directions.  You look around you to see the same old situations, yet there are open doors that are beckoning you forward to consider and explore the new territory that is expanding and calling you to participate in different ways.  

July brings in change, shifting many elements of your life, as if your stage is changing and yet you have to adjust to the changes in mid stride.  With the ebb and flow of situations becoming more dramatic, you will have to do some fancy footsteps to keep up with the changes, which you do and yet this gives you to chance to show some of your talents that previously have been latent and sitting on a shelf.  You will find that these qualities come out very naturally and just flow.

September gives you the chance to look at the changes that have occurred on your inner level.  These are even tough to describe to others as to how different you have become.  The situations have become as a flower opening to reveal more of your true self, which has been a unique experience and a wonderful surprise.  You have made such changes within and yet outwardly may not even be any notable changes, but you will feel that your world has evolved into something very different.  

October begins the process of moving these new inner changes out into the outside world as you respond to situations and circumstances that are changing around you.  Your career, business and financial world is moving you into different directions than what you originally perceived and are making very dramatic strides forward.  

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