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There isn't much written or understood about Chiron and the Influence within a chart.   Interested in understanding Chiron further? read on...

Chiron portrays a forced savings account from our efforts. On our road of life, each of us are given pot holes from one challenging situation or another. The tendency is to blame others for these pot holes, or to blame situations for these deep challenges and scars in our life.

The Truth about Chiron is that it points to the type of qualities and the area of our life that is designated to give us the opportunity to understand selfless giving and to grow through our chosen responses to these potholes. We are given challenges to deepen our awareness and compassion.  Within these challenges, we are given the deep hole of experiencing unfair situations that we must accept, deal with, understand and ultimately bless. This is a very tall order, however, our life, our path is sprinkled with them.  Through our experiences we can bring love and understanding to others who have experienced something similar and help to guide them to sharing their heart with kindness.  We can then toss away "the packaging" of the challenges and keep the gift of love, understanding and compassion.

Chiron takes 50 years to make one complete orbit, so that we have to provide 50 years of effort that may not be rewarded until Chiron connects with where it started out in our charts. Chiron is the ultimate of giving us challenges to see how we will respond to them. They usually take the form of unfair situations, being the target of ill-motives, blame, displaced power, etc. It is easy and the most popular response to be angry, to blame the situations or the people involved, something outside of ourselves for creating these pot holes. That may be true, however, the most important part is not the fact that others or outside circumstances created the pot holes unfairly. The important part is our chosen response.  What quality will we choose to fill up these pot holes.  We each have the freewill to choose our own response, no one chooses it for us.  Allowing the situations, people or props to determine our response keeps us from accepting the gift within "the packaging".  Love, understanding, and compassion allow us to grow the qualities that empower the Divine elements of Life.

There are five qualities ...

each of which has its own level of (spiritual) awareness with which to choose as a "response" to fill up the pot holes of challenges;


First, there is tolerance. We can tolerate the situation with patience and those that have created this pot hole with patience as well.  We are taking hold of true power to respond according to our Divine connection and understanding of the purpose of Life.


Second, there is acceptance. Ultimately we have to accept that this is the situation we are given, whether it looks like it was unfairly given to us or not, and not continue to point outside ourselves as an excuse for not seeing the opportunity within the situation, as the gift of understanding instead of "the packaging of the events."  Our inability to look inside our spiritual awareness to find something better as our chosen response will fill up these pot holes, and determines that we will continue to point to the unfairness, become angry, and blame others.   


Third is understanding. We may not be able to understand why everything had to occur and had to bring us to the depths of pain in our soul. But the reward for having acceptance of the situation, is to bring us understanding.  Through this chosen response, we can then be a voice of hope, understanding and love for others who have experience the same.  We choose to understand, which helps to diffuse the pain that others experience.


Fourth is appreciation. To be able to appreciate the situation, to see the positive side of the circumstances. To see the gift within "the packaging of the events" and to realize the blessing of the Gift.  We can see the opportunity to fill up these potholes with something wonderful, finding the Divine Gift of growth, awareness and gratitude. We can look to the new level of understanding and knowing that these potholes have brought us some incredible circumstances.  We can then have the sense of purpose and passion to make a difference in the world.


Fifth is seeing situations through eyes of love and gratitude, with the ability to see these potholes as something wonderful and good to help us to grow in understanding and have stronger ability to bring forward hope, love and compassion. We have the opportunity to respond to circumstances differently than those individuals who created our potholes and to take action through our chosen response instead of just reacting to the situations. This expands our understanding of the completeness in our Cosmic Savings account and the higher purpose of the Divine Plan.


Chiron in your personal chart

Wherever Chiron is in our personal chart, the interpretation becomes that of a black hole, the forced savings account, the area of our life that has inequalities, unfairness, situations and judgments against us. Yet, as Chiron travels around the chart collecting from each sign and each house, Chiron returns back to its original placement in approximately 50 years. Whatever our response is to the situations given to us, the five above are the best, then we receive the rewards from that quality in that area at the 50 year mark. However, if we have just complained, criticized, blamed and insisted that others deserve our anger, then that is all we have put into our forced savings account and at 50, we receive our holdings, our rewards. Where Chiron is at the beginning of our life determines the area that we can turn around at 50 and at the end of our life to see either the sparkles from the Divine Diamonds of choice, or the seeping qualities of anger that has left our life pitted and our scarred heart feeling very empty.

Therefore, it is important to understand the qualities we need to continue to grow and give all the way through our life. We each have our own concept of all that is transpiring. These challenges can be blamed on situations in the outside world, from outer circumstances, ranging from unfairness, bad luck and the like, to the selfish motives of other individuals who are in power. These reasons may be very valid, however our choice of response is just that our freewill choice. We can either respond with similar actions, or we can choose one of the five that will give us something different in our life than what was given to us.

Chiron in Aries - May 2018 through  April 2026
Chiron moves into the sign of Aries in May 2018, which begins to bring forward the “forced savings account” that we earned while Uranus was in Aries (March 2011 to May 2018 and completely out of Aries in March 2019). By Chiron following Uranus, our efforts, motives, and sense of purpose for the new era brings in new pathways, as they open up and became visible for all. Life is changing at this time.  Our efforts, our TRUE SELF earned showing our chosen response to situations from March 2011 to March 2019 is handed off to Chiron in May 2018 to begin revealing the layers of our responses through the transparency of situations as we move into the Aquarian Age.  


Jupiter shifts out of Aries - May 2023  
Uranus in Aries (March 2011 to May 2018, with another swing out of Aries in March 2019) has been a time to show the true qualities of self, which required us to feel like we were all alone on our path. Aries is singular and so our inner and outer strength has had to be bold, independent and capable of being alone. Even as we may have had a lot of people around us, there was a path that only one could walk. The spectrum of Uranus in Aries held people to be more and more focused on “me, me, me”. And yet at the opposite spectrum, some people had to climb the sheer cliffs of life’s circumstances and do it all alone. Somewhere on the spectrum we each had our own part to play, with the qualities and characteristics being built, expressed and made visible.   Our chosen response will begin to be revealed as we prepare for the the Grand Transition of Pluto moving into Aquarius.  Jupiter moved into Aries May 2022, connecting with Chiron to reveal our new pathway into the Golden Age
 and to show our TRUE SELF.

Uranus in Aries required we step up to the plate with the outer circumstances we were given as the qualities of self, we had to grow to meet the situations. As this Uranus in Aries time comes to a close we can feel like the efforts we brought forth were invisible to people, and that our stellar accomplishments are tiny because others did not see our tremendous climb along the sheer cliffs of situations.

Uranus is in Taurus from March 2019, to bring our true values into reality. With our spiritual essence and new purpose, visions of our true journey begin to emerge for those who can "see" beyond the outer situations. Letting go of the old situations, and letting the door close on the past requires faith and trust and accepting the important walk with spiritual grace.  Uranus in Taurus finalizes the financial transitions slated for this time til April 2026.

With a higher spiritual focus, we had to choose to see the situations through an inner Divine perspective. Thus we were spurred by bringing the highest qualities to the situations as our response. Through these type of seemingly “unfair” situations, the strength of the True Self required that we fill up the outer empty "potholes" with intuition, inner understanding, acceptance and other true Divine qualities, with efforts to continue alignment of our words and actions with our purpose of Life. By shifting our perspective to see other choices the opportunity to maintain an inner world of calm, stability, understanding and acceptance was the higher path. The qualities and response chosen became the diamonds of Divine qualities we used to fill up the potholes.

Choices made will begin to be collected by Chiron moving through Aries, picking up the situations and response used while we walked the Uranus in Aries pathway. Chiron following up behind Uranus, brings the summation of what we valued to be rolled out to create the next phase of our outer world.

As we move through Uranus in Taurus, the efforts from the previous era collected by Chiron in Aries begin to be integrated into the upcoming environments as Uranus provides us choices for those earned by the values expressed while Uranus was in Aries. March 2019 holds the shift of Uranus in Taurus, which makes this important transition possible, as situations continue to roll out more and more of the true values of the spiritual self. Uranus in Taurus reveals the true values earned through love, money and well-being and shared to others through events collected by Chiron in Aries and are consistently emerging from March 2019 through April 2026.  Major transitions will become visible as Jupiter expands the Aries qualities earned through many trial by fire, beginning May 2022 as Jupiter and Chiron provide us with our earned pathway into the Golden Age, as the big reveal of the True Self begins as Saturn moves into Pisces and Pluto moves into Aquarius in March 2023. 

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Photographs by Karyl Jackson

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