Our new spiritual purpose expands our intuition

and insight into our right direction


This week, May 9th through May 15th, gives us a jumpstart into new directions.  Venus moved into Gemini on the 8th, right behind Mercury to bring information that is building to ultimately push us into new directions.  Tuesday’s New Moon opens the options to move into these distinct avenues giving us a push in the right direction.  The New Moon in Taurus also brings in the Uranus winds that blows in new and different ideas, which accentuate the Venus qualities that allow us to make the transition easily.

On Wednesday Moon connects with Venus bringing in the ease that we are able to feel that also provide the steppingstones to the transition.   This conjunction creates a beautiful sky just after sunset bringing the Moon and Venus together.  On Thursday, Moon connects with Mercury adding to the information, communication and ideas that align us with our new direction.  


Additionally, on Thursday, Jupiter shifts into Pisces.  Jupiter typically moves through one sign per year.  However, Jupiter flew through Aquarius in only five months and has now touched into Pisces, accentuating our new spiritual purpose that is emerging with the new beginnings blending into this week.  The Pisces intuition is calling us into our new direction that is aligned with our new spiritual purpose.  It is time to move forward with our inner knowing to follow our right path.

On Saturday, Moon connects with Mars, which gives us a drop kick along our new journey.  Mars brings in the activities that accentuate our choice and inner alignment with right action.  This is a pivotal week that opens our new spiritual purpose, expanding our intuition and insight into our right direction.



  • The Transition into the Aquarius Age provides information about this important transition into the New Age.  Click onto the link below to download the free Alpha Life Trends report.  

To understand 2021 and the impact of the FIVE year, ​a couple options:

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[May brings forward the FIVE energy of  the fifth month which requires that we move beyond the old thoughts, ideas and concepts.  FIVE rules information, communication and change.  The fact that Mercury shifts into Gemini on the 3rd of May opens the floodgates of information that will create changes throughout the month shows the importance of the FIVE month of May combining with the FIVE year of 2021 to create the ONE major focus of May.  This month requires that we  get out of the old concepts that have muddied our life and kept us in a stalemate position.  Time to breakthrough the old to move into change and walk into freedom.  


[To see how May will impact you, it is important to determine how the FIVE energy of May will bring important information forward  as the impetus to move us beyond the past and into the ONE universal month of May.  Our new beginnings sit inside the month of May within this FIVE universal year of 2021.  Having a strong sense of adventure, confidence and awareness, movement into the FIVE energies brings us into alignment with  the new energies emerging.  FIVE rules change, breakthrough and freedom, which sounds like everyone would want freedom.  However, freedom requires adaptability, inner confidence and the ability to take complete responsibility to create the life desired.  Not waiting on others, but instead sending out the greatest of qualities to then become our greatest self.  The ONE month of May gives us the space to create new energy, focus and themes as we design our new life, as 2021 gives us the  FIVE year of change,  breakthrough and freedom. ] 


The three Mercury retrogrades in 2021 are all in air signs, which will be the areas of change prompted by the power of information and communication.   February accentuates the Aquarius elements of fairness and the larger focus of global concepts.   May/June brings focus to the Gemini traits needed to shift and change according to the information emerging.   October highlights the Libra qualities of balance, harmony and relationships.


Bringing our commitment of accountability from 2020 into 2021, information and communication will be aligned with Truth.  The foundation of Truth has to be the commitment of accountability.  The shifts of the  Mercury retrogrades will parse out those committed to accountability, transparency and Truth and those that are not able to align their life with these qualities.  Many adjustments will be made during the Mercury retrogrades to shift information and communication to line up with the Accountability Audit of 2020 and the information communication of Truth emerging all during 2021.

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