Major Aspects in March 2020

  • March 3 - Venus square Saturn - 28 Aries / 28 Capricorn

  • March 8 - Sun conjunct Neptune - 18 Pisces

  • March 8 - Venus conjunct Uranus - 4 Taurus

  • March 9 - Mercury turns direct - 28 Aquarius

  • March 9 - Sun opposition Moon - 19 Pisces / 19 Virgo - FULL MOON 

  • March 18 - Moon conjunct Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn - Capricorn

  • March 19 - Sun enters Aries - Equinox

  • March 20 - Mars conjunct Jupiter - 21 Capricorn

  • March 21 - Saturn enters Aquarius

  • March 22 - Mars conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn

  • March 24 - Sun conjunct Moon - NEW MOON - 4 Aries

  • March 24 - NEW MOON conjunct Chiron - 4 Aries

  • March 29 - April 6 - Jupiter conjunct Pluto - 24 Capricorn 

  • March 31 - Mars conjunct Saturn - 1 Aquarius

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About Alpha Life Trends

Alpha Life Trends brings the connection of astrology and numerology into to an interwoven understanding of our life. Correlating the events on the material level with our spiritual purpose, we bring a higher understanding of the spiritual purpose to these events. Alpha Life Trends provides a way to map our Life Journey with understanding and awareness of our spiritual purpose. We can begin to know and understand our Life Journey, bringing clarity, awareness, wisdom and inner peace to all events, our challenges and our successes. 

Astrology is the study of the planets, stars and constellations. Knowing that the material plane is a manifestation of the spiritual world, we can derive useful information to help us understand the Divine seasons of life’s events. Numerology is the study of our own personal timing within the Divine seasons of events. Through this understanding of the all-pervading presence of the Divine Oneness guiding the stars and our life, we can unravel the true purpose of our life. In our search for God within our life and the world around us, we can see that we fit into a Divine Plan and we begin to also see that we are given situations and circumstances through our life to respond with either positive or negative reactions. The situations may be given to us, but we are the ones to choose our response. That is our free will choice. These choices determine the events of our future days.

If we respond to life with “lack of understanding”, then we have made an appointment for sometime in the future to try again to “understand.” Some choose to understand and grow, while others act out of fear, fail to understand and blame others for the unhappiness in their life. With these reactions to life’s opportunities, there isn’t much hope of growing beyond the present consciousness and therefore life brings to us more of the same until our reactions to life are coupled with “understanding”. We always have the choice in front of us, with each situation, to grow, understand and love. 

Astrology and numerology can help us understand the Divine opportunities in our life so we can grow this Divine consciousness. Each day we are given many situations and circumstances that have within them the gift of growth, understanding and love. It is our task to respond and bring forth these qualities to allow God within to be expressed in our everyday life. Our response to challenges are the qualities that we bring forward to fill up the holes and empty parts of our life. The glance from the end of our life brings our view to see the sparkling diamonds of Divine qualities brimming out of the holes of our challenges OR qualities of blame and anger fill the pot holes of challenges to show our lack of understanding. Situations are given to us, but our choice of response is our free will. Alpha Life Trends opens the door for greater understanding of events in our Life and the continual presence of our Divine-oriented choices.

Written by Karyl Jackson © 2020   |  Alpha Life Trends  |  All Rights Reserved

Photographs by Karyl Jackson  © 2020   |  Alpha Life Trends  |  All Rights Reserved

Humanitarian Focus is Emphasized

as the pace quickens



This week, March 29th through April 4thbrings us the last few days of the SEVEN month of March and opens the door to the EIGHT month of April.  SEVEN pulls us to look at situations from an inner level as the intuitive calling brings information.  The transition into the EIGHT month activates situations and sets many things into motion.  We are called to engage and participate in business and financial situations as the pace quickens.  


On Monday, Mars shifts into Aquarius, initiating situations that emphasize humanitarian focus, bringing in a broader  perspective.  Tuesday, Mars connects with Saturn, giving us an added responsibility in our choice of actions.  Aquarius brings people together from the global community and emphasizes actions that are aligned with Saturn’s accountability factor.  Making right-for-all decisions is a major goal with this connection.


Wednesday, we jump into the EIGHT month of April and run to keep up with a quickened pace.  Many activities are happening simultaneously as EIGHT is the number for business, finance and accomplishments.  On Friday, Mercury connects with Neptune bringing information to our spiritual blueprints as situations shift and change.  Also we will have a lot of intuitive information that aligns with our spiritual blueprints that are adjusting.  


Saturday, Jupiter connects to Pluto, emphasizing the expansion of Pluto’s use of power and influence.  Jupiter has been at the same degree as Pluto for more than a week but comes to an exact conjunction on Saturday.  Jupiter expands us beyond our comfort zone and brings us situations and circumstances that requires our response.  We can bring positive power and influence into the situations or we can skew the game board with intention to control the outer situations to our advantage.  Jupiter has also been collecting the efforts of Saturn since 2017, and Pluto since 2008 and gives us the opportunities to expand beyond our old concepts.  Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008 to transform the business arena and Jupiter also traveled through Capricorn in 2008.  Both are back again.  


While Saturn was in Capricorn, our accountability was collected and has been assessed and is leading the way forward. Now that Saturn has touched into Aquarius, only those people who have their accountability leading will be put into positions of power, while those who only used power to control situations will fall behind.  Jupiter will connect with Pluto three times this year, emphasizing the shift in power that is occurring, bringing forward those that have accountability and right action.  


With Saturn now in Aquarius, changes in leadership requires right action for the good of all.  This is an expansive concept that requires accountability.  The larger global community and international focus will demand right action within Saturn’s strict choice of discipline and purpose.  April emphasizes this aspect as well as Jupiter’s connection with Pluto to go beyond the old ways of business and financial dealings.  Thinking outside the box and expanding our perspective to encompass a global viewpoint will dramatically shift business, leadership and financial dealings in April. 

Throughout the week, Mercury closes the gap between Sun and Mercury from 26 degrees to 24 degrees.  The typical gap between Mercury and Sun at extremes is 18 degrees.  The current scenario has information-oriented Mercury in a very slow process, lagging behind the Sun.  The Sun represents the current time, like the X on a "you are here" map.   Read more info