FOUR month of August 

requires disciplined actions and accountability


This week, August 1st through August 7th, moves us into the FOUR universal month of August with a theme related to the FOUR defined as work, work and more work.  We will have a tall order of tasks to do as August 1st, kicks off these powerful and significant aspects; Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun opposition Saturn and Mercury opposition Saturn.  Signing on the dotted line with our commitment is required as Saturn brings in our responsibility and accountability.  We will feel the push into action all week long as Moon checks our participation as it squares Mercury, Sun, and Mars.  Rolling up our sleeves, ready for work and choosing right action will be the requirement for August.  

The aspects on Sunday will continue to set the pace for the first week in August, especially as Mercury creates a square to the Uranus winds of change on Tuesday.  Information comes flowing in quickly at the beginning of the week that accelerates the pace, giving us reasons to get off the bench and into the game.


Mercury in Leo becomes the preview of the issues on Tuesday that are increasing in importance throughout the week.  This aspect also brings in the information that will be subject to the spotlight that occurs on Friday as the Sun shines the light on key issues.  These integral elements and issues become our focus in order to move our actions into an efficient array of effort.  The Sun spotlights the areas that need attention through the square on Friday to the Uranus winds of change.  As more situations blow in, this requirement will push us into a faster pace.  All week long we will have to step up to the plate ready to be the Army of One to get things done.  


Saturday gives us our checklist and report as Moon in Leo squares Saturn in Aquarius, prompting transparency and accountability.  Our motives, efforts and impact on others becomes the information flow that moves us into the requirements of the New Moon happening early on August 8th.  The difference between what is required and our accountability of work becomes the information and synopsis if our disciplined actions measure up as transparency reveals our true efforts.

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The three Mercury retrogrades in 2021 are all in air signs, which will be the areas of change prompted by the power of information and communication.   February accentuates the Aquarius elements of fairness and the larger focus of global concepts.   May/June brings focus to the Gemini traits needed to shift and change according to the information emerging.   October highlights the Libra qualities of balance, harmony and relationships.


Bringing our commitment of accountability from 2020 into 2021, information and communication will be aligned with Truth.  The foundation of Truth has to be the commitment of accountability.  The shifts of the  Mercury retrogrades will parse out those committed to accountability, transparency and Truth and those that are not able to align their life with these qualities.  Many adjustments will be made during the Mercury retrogrades to shift information and communication to line up with the Accountability Audit of 2020 and the information communication of Truth emerging all during 2021.

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