Mercury and Jupiter turn direct  

expanding our concepts of balance and understanding


We begin this week, October 17th through October 23rd, with Jupiter slowing to hover at 22 Aquarius.  Jupiter has been retrograde in motion since June 20th, and has brought new concepts onto the world stage and has expanded many elements connecting to humanity.  Jupiter expands our concepts through looking at situations from a larger perspective.  Jupiter turning direct will move our expansion process into looking at situations from this bigger viewpoint.  

Aquarius rules humanity and the level playing field rather than the old patriarchal system that is being dismantled.  Pluto’s last swing through the Capricorn patriarchal system occurs in 2022 and touches into Aquarius in 2023 to empower the new Aquarius system that is being put into place with Jupiter’s expansion process and concepts of fairness and right-for-all decisions.  While these transitions occur, we see many changes with the previous structures and systems we have known.  Those who are aware of the purpose of the changes happening will begin to organize and plan the steps needed.  Our focus will open the doors for positive opportunities to emerge and inspired concepts to evolve.  We can look at the previous times and events designated by the celestial cosmic clock, noted in the Aquarius Age charts, link below, that were geared toward fairness, to honor God-given rights for all.

On Monday, Mercury joins Jupiter turning direct, which brings an alignment between these two energy sources ruling information and expansion into our New Age.  Mercury at 10 Libra will begin to move forward bringing a new balance and harmony into the days and events.  Libra rules relationships, negotiations and cooperation, with the scales of justice representing true balance.  As Mercury moves forward, information will hit our doorstep to bring in the events that were previously hidden.  

Tuesday evening, the almost Full Moon rises accentuating the Libra elements at 28 Libra / 28 Aries.  Bringing forward our ethics of how we treat others that reveal the characteristics of the True Aries Self.  The events that bubble to the surface on Wednesday disclose the important information and issues surrounding the emerging events.   Challenging events occur on Thursday that don’t seem to make sense, but once Sun shifts into Scorpio late on Friday, we will have a new level of information blow in as gusts reveals the puzzle pieces needed to complete the picture. 
Over the weekend, Moon in Gemini blows in a lot of information that has news flying all over the place to give us a greater understanding.  Sun in Scorpio shines the light onto transparency and reveals motives, ethics and intentions.  We will have a lot to take in during this time, giving us a chance to adjust our perspective as all of the puzzle pieces become available revealing the true picture.  

To understand 2021 and the impact of the FIVE year, ​a couple options:

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[October brings forward the ONE energy of  the tenth month  (10) which requires that we utilize the innovative energy to align the focus of the 1 in leadership and the 0 as awareness of the Divine elements needed in true leadership.  Each of us bring the Divine energy forward to make a difference in the outside world.  To succeed in the 10th month, we have to attach the Divine elements to the Self to bring forward the energy to make a POSITIVE difference.  


[To see how October will impact your life, you will review  the focus of Mercury Retrograde in Libra in your chart and see the requirements on a personal and spiritual level. With Sun , Mercury and Mars in Libra during October, we will focus on our interaction with others to bring balance and harmony forward.  We will need to update our concepts to the larger picture as we will use this perspective to review and revise our direction in October as the Mercury retrograde will assess our ability to align and choose right-action.  ] 


The three Mercury retrogrades in 2021 are all in air signs, which will be the areas of change prompted by the power of information and communication.   February accentuates the Aquarius elements of fairness and the larger focus of global concepts.   May/June brings focus to the Gemini traits needed to shift and change according to the information emerging.   October highlights the Libra qualities of balance, harmony and cooperation in relationships.


Bringing our commitment of accountability from 2020 into 2021, information and communication will be aligned with Truth.  The foundation of Truth has to be the commitment of accountability.  The shifts of the  Mercury retrogrades will parse out those committed to accountability, transparency and Truth and those that are not able to align their life with these qualities.  Many adjustments will be made during the Mercury retrogrades to shift information and communication to line up with the Accountability Audit of 2020 and the information communication of Truth emerging all during 2021.

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