New Moon in Libra

brings in key information and solutions


This week, September 25th through October 1st  we begin with a NEW MOON, emphasizing the review and revisions spurring the new beginnings that have been the focus for September.   With September being a time of review as well as a Mercury retrograde, events of September have brought forward information that will usher us into the directions that will begin to unfold as Mercury turns direct on October 2nd, one week after this New Moon at 3 Libra. 
On Monday, Jupiter is coming the closest it has come to Earth in 59 years.    This is also occurring as Jupiter is in opposition to the Earth, which provides the lineup drawing a straight line from Sun to Earth to Jupiter which provides this integral alignment. This position occurs every 12 years, with Jupiter’s orbit moving through the constellations, one year through each sign.  However, this lineup occurs at the same time as Jupiter is closer to Earth than it has been, with the previous occurrence in 1963. With Jupiter in Aries, we are pushed to be bold, innovative and move forward into our right directions.
Also, on Monday Mercury retrograde connects with Venus at 27 Virgo, emphasizing solutions with information that will become the focus during this week.  As Mercury backtracks to pick up key information, our right-action choices line up with Jupiter’s influence for a bold expression of our True Self.  Revising our focus, direction and purpose is the critical element for this week’s events, especially as information unfolds the potential solutions.


On Saturday, we move into the SEVEN month of October, which brings a major shift and becomes the dynamic weekend in which Mercury turns direct.  Armed with the information gathered this week, we will move into October ready to align our motives, purpose and action-plan.  We will be ready to move ahead with our bold, innovative objectives that will power us forward on October 2nd.  

SEPTEMBER is universally a SIX  month*;  Formula is: SEPTEMBER is the 9th month of the year (9 + the SIX year of 2022, added together is 9 + 6 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6. )  Therefore SEPTEMBER emphasizes the SIX elements of solutions, bringing forward health and healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The areas that we need to take responsibility for will be brought forward to emphasize resolutions to bring harmony to our home, work and relationships.  September is the review of all that has transpired during the year to ensure solutions are implemented and all situations are brought into balance.

A new pace is set with 2022 as a universal SIX year, which instigates a year to solve problems and to bring forward solutions to integrate and improve the important areas of our life; home, work, health, and relationships. The previous SIX years occurred in 2013, 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968, etc.  We can look to those years to see the relevant events of that time.   The focus for the SIX universal year is about harmony and balance.  Addressing key factors within our home, work, health and relationships to move us into our new territory, leaving the old behind and engaging in our new sense of purpose.  Having a surge of  passion to activate with our new evolving directions, we will continue to venture into the unfamiliar as our heart calls us forward.

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Bringing our commitment of accountability from 2021 into the New Year of 2022, we will take the information and communication from 2021, along with our commitment of accountability to ride the rapids of change that moves us from the FIVE universal year of 2021 into the balancing year of 2022.

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