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 Universal NINE month of February 

brings closure to clear the decks


This week, January 29th through February 4th,  begins as the winds shift direction and begin to blow situations into our life that give us additional information.  The stage is opening to expand this information Monday evening as Mars connects with Moon, activating the information flow.  

Midweek shifts in the universal NINE month of February, which brings closure to many elements that are earmarked to clear the decks to make room for the new elements emerging in the ONE month of  March.   

February shifts our perspective to see the situations that we will feel are part of the door that is closing, as we are moving toward the completion of situations and circumstances.  Friday brings Sun to create a square to the Uranus winds, which toss many situations up into the air giving us reason to think about the changes that are emerging in this month.  Letting go and letting God move situations around in our life will help us to make the adjustments needed and exemplifies the NINE month.  

On Saturday, Venus creates a square to Mars and we will find that as the changes occur, it seems to raise the sense of disharmony.  However it is the chance to allow situations to occur as the transparency of situations begin to be visible as transparency is provided through these seeming disharmonious situations.  

As the almost Full Moon rises Saturday evening, a new perspective begins to be seen as the twilight of midnight reveals situations that are now important to be understood.  We will have a lot to think about over the weekend as the truth of situations become visible.


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JANUARY  is universally a EIGHT  month*;  Formula is: JANUARY is the 1st month of the year (1+ the SEVEN year of 2023, added together is 1 + 7 = 8. )  Therefore JANUARY emphasizes the EIGHT elements of our efforts within the career and business arena.  January hosts the current  Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn that began on December 29th.   We will experience and address the  situations that are earmarked for change as we evolve through the retrograde phase.  Mercury in Capricorn relates to our career and business pursuits which hold the events subject to review and revision.  Our True Self is emerging with Jupiter shifting into Aries bringing a new level of transparency into view.  Our career and business expressions will need to align with our true Intentions.  This alignment becomes the push to revise our focus, and expression.   Moving into the SEVEN universal year of 2023, a new level of transparency begins to take hold of the transitions  that are emerging as we walk into the New Year.

A new pace is set with 2023 as a universal SEVEN year, which instigates a year to bring our inner awareness into our life and to make the transitions that are aligned with the New Era of Pluto moving into Aquarius.  The previous SIEVEN years occurred in 2014, 2005, 1996, 1987, 1978, 1969, 1960 etc.  We can look to those years to see the relevant events of that time.   The focus for the SIEVEN universal year is about the alignment of our inner self with the new awareness of our purpose, mission and living our new evolving directions.  

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