Mercury turns Retrograde   

backtracking to pick up critical information

We move into this week, January 16th through January 22nd, beginning with the backdrop of Mercury beginning to backtrack from 10 Aquarius.  Mercury brings information into our environment that prompts us to review and revise our concepts.  Sun connects with Pluto’s power issues that provides information to Mercury as the retrograde process begins.  Mercury begins to collect the important elements that are a focus during this time.


Sunday evening the almost Full Moon rises, which brings in the high tide of these issues that will begin to dot our shore.  The Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer activates the sensitivity and awareness of concerns that the Sun highlights.  Monday evening as the Full Moon rises, we will have a new and different concept of situations and the emerging issues that have come onto our shore.   

Tuesday brings in the Uranus winds of change as it turns from retrograde to direct, opening up the changes that are integral for this time.  Uranus in Taurus rules values and outer situations lining up with our true ethics and intentions.  Transparency comes into play during this time as well.

Mid-week, Sun enters Aquarius, which brings the light to shine on the information that Mercury begins to lay on the table to be addressed during this Mercury retrograde.  Mercury hit 10 Aquarius and is backtracking in Aquarius and will ultimately move into Capricorn to reach a connection with Pluto’s power issues spotlighted earlier on Sunday. 

Thursday Moon shifts into Virgo, which activates our desire to put plans together to organize efforts with right-action choices.  We want to bring solutions forward that address the critical issues highlighted earlier in the week.  Saturday brings Mercury retrograde closer to the spotlight of the Sun, which will accentuate our efforts to bring resolutions into our environment.

A new pace is set with 2022 as a universal SIX year, which instigates a year to solve problems and to bring forward solutions to integrate and improve the important areas of our life; home, work, health, and relationships. The previous SIX years occurred in 2013, 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968, etc.  We can look to those years to see the relevant events of that time.   

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January is universally a SEVEN month, which prompts us to look at situations from a deeper level.  We will review the transition into January and naturally have more awareness of the energies that are emerging.  Jupiter in Pisces blends with the SEVEN month as we look at situations from an intuitive perspective and begin to see that we are veering into directions that are more aligned with our spiritual purpose.   Venus retrograde occurs December 19th through January 29th.  Venus emphasizes solutions, which will be the focus during this time.  Venus turns direct January 29th, and Mercury turns direct February 3rd, both in Capricorn to resolve the Pluto issues of use or misuse of power as impacting the Aquarius New Age emerging.

*SEVEN universal month (January = 1,  2022 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6,  adding the 1 + 6 = 7)

To understand 2022 and the impact of the SEVEN universal month in a  SIX universal year, ​a couple options:

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Bringing our commitment of accountability from 2021 into the New Year of 2022, we will take the information and communication from 2021, along with our commitment of accountability to ride the rapids of change that moves us from the FIVE universal year of 2021 into the balancing year of 2022.

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