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New Perspective 2022

Jumpstart into 2022
January and February 2022 are the transition months.  The numerology for January and February 2022 is the same as the numerology of the months of November and December 2021, but the same energies provide the overlay of transitioning from 2021 into 2022.  Moving across the bridge from the FIVE year of 2021 and onto the new land represented by the SIX year of 2022 we will see the energies from November and December 2021 shift our life into a new direction.  Taking the changes from 2021 that pushed us beyond the old situations and accept the new challenges of the SIX year of 2022 we will take major steps forward.  The key focus is integration, blending the changes experienced in the FIVE year and integrating them with our new goals.  The terrain is shifting below our feet as we move into the unknown and unfamiliar.  The old situations no longer draw us to the past, but instead become like the proverbial burning barn that propels us to seek better days.  SIX impacts our home and work environments as well as our relationships.  Health and healing in all areas also hold the elements of change as we bring important resolutions forward.  

January 2022 – January is universally a SEVEN month, providing a deeper understanding of situations that are occurring around us.  We will be hit by the issues emerging as SEVEN prompts us to look into events through transparency that emerges in January.  SEVEN rules wisdom, looking at situations from point to see situations as they truly are.  We will come face to face with situations that need a true assessment and understanding.

February 2022 – February is universally an EIGHT month, which quickens the pace and prompts us to provide effort to accomplish what needs to be completed.  Work, business, career and financial elements will beckon our attention to fix and resolve many of the issues that have been brought to the surface through transparency.  We will see the reality of situations and the appropriate retrofit needed.

March 2022.  March is universally a NINE month, which brings us to the end of a cycle that began last year.  Our efforts are to clear the decks of the past and prepare for the new beginnings that will be emerging in April.  March closes many doors and points us to the situations emerging that have given us reasons to eliminate their influence in our life.  March is a time to let go and let God move situations around that shift the closed doors aside, helping us to recognize the open doors that will be emerging.

April 2022.  April is universally a ONE month, giving us a new attitude about life by opening many of the new opportunities now available.  We will jump into the month with a new level of excitement as we see the potential and the options that begin to pull us forward.  The ONE requires that we not bring the old forward, but instead make room for the new energies, opportunities and prospects for a new life.  Trading in our old concepts are required to then take up a new perspective.  This can be a challenge for many, but is greatly needed to make the transition into great times.

May 2022.  May is universally an ELEVEN / TWO month, which prompts us to connect with people, and to align our relationships with those we share common understanding.  The focus in May is expanded by Jupiter’s shift into Aries, which accentuates those people that are leading in the transitions of the New Age.  Jupiter expands qualities, Aries is the trailblazer. Those who are ready will take on the qualities of the ELEVEN, and those who are followers will take on the TWO.  This month there will be many called but few chosen to follow in the ELEVEN pathway as the spiritual messenger, as the inner alignment with intuition and right action are the requirement of this journey.  Others that follow, will have the TWO energy that provides support for these new directions.

June 2022.  June is universally a THREE month, bringing creativity and thinking outside the box into the events.  THREE opens to the expansion of the elements that are brought into focus in May, with many providing initiative, innovation and vision as we move forward.  June’s will open more doors of creative opportunities for us to move forward along a different path, but the ones that pull us into place.  We have the ideas to improve and increase our enjoyment of situations.


July 2022.  July is universally a FOUR month, which gives us a long to-do list from the creative opportunities that emerged in June.  We will be gearing up for a busy month, full of tasks, projects and an endless concept of improvements that pull us forward.  The four emphasizes the need to organize, plan and accomplish.  Bringing forward disciplined effort is a key factor for the month, as we have a lot we want to accomplish and many tasks that we are excited about.  

August 2022.  August is universally a FIVE month, bringing us a lot of change of circumstances, situations and opportunities.  Travel and change of scenery is a typical occurrence during a FIVE month as we have to stay on our toes to remain flexible.  Different situations come into our life unexpected that give us a jumpstart into new directions.  FIVE also accentuates information, writing and gaining educational focus as we bring more into our environment.  We will have a lot of situations fly into the month that open new and different doors for us to explore.


September 2022.  September is a review month, as it is the same as the universal year, a SIX month in a SIX year.  Reviewing all that has transpired gives us a chance to look back over the year to determine what has transpired and yet what more needs to be accomplished.  Our focal point of bringing balance and harmony to many areas of our life will be a major focus of the review.  We will assess the different parts of our life to realize the results of our efforts, and to revise our plans for the remainder of the year.


October 2022.  October is universally a SEVEN month, which accentuates the need for a deeper review of issues and situations through transparency.  We will take a look at situations to see the connection with what has been accomplished so far within the year and those aspects we haven’t had the opportunity to explore.  If we have procrastinated in finding solutions for specific areas of our life, we will find they are brought to the front and center for us to address.  These are key to resolve and implement solutions before we can move forward.  

November 2022.  November is universally an EIGHT month, which gives us a lot of situations within a fast-paced month to review for our business, career and financial pursuits.  We will look over the situations that have transpired throughout the year and begin to plan and organize our goals and the efforts needed to move these areas of our life forward.  We have had a year of changes, adjustments and resolutions to determine the impact, but also realize what needs to be worked on further.  This assessment in November helps us to see situations clearly and to bring our new goals forward.

December 2022.  December is universally a NINE month, as we clear the decks of the past events, concerns and situations that are no longer relevant to our life.  We are able to review the year’s efforts and results and now turn our attention to the future, to look at all that is moving forward, but also all that is being pushed to the side as no longer important.  We will have many adjustments to our attitude and our future outlook as many elements of our life have changed and the priority of our focus has given us a completely new perspective.  


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