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Life Reading

What is a Life Reading?


A Life Reading provides interpretation of your numerology and astrology charts.  A Life Reading looks through the window of the astrology and numerology charts to see the Soul Essence and the Life Journey. All aspects of the Soul growth and purpose define the interpretation and the description of the astrology and numerology charts. A Life Reading looks not only at the numerology and astrology charts, but additional information is seen about the Life Journey as it is combined with Karyl's intuitive information from the World Inbetween - *Inbetween is not proper English, however it is the right word and spelling for this Realm.  (details see below).

The time frame and purpose of this lifetime has great value and merit in the Soul Journey and therefore becomes an asset in life to see the Life Journey. A Life Reading provides information in conjunction with the current timing in the outside world and where we are on that Journey.

The Readings listed all comprise of utilizing the complete information within the astrology and numerology charts combined with the information as seen through the window of the World Inbetween*, which provides an in-depth, interpretation covering the past, present and future. The focus of the readings gives you a more detailed picture of the current influences and how the events and circumstances play a major part in your spiritual journey. Any of the Life Readings offered provide a  "you are here" map of your life, and differ with the short range or the long range picture.

To purchase an appointment, for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Options are available below; choose the Life Reading desired, and after your purchase you will be sent to a Contact Page.  Karyl will contact you for the birth data to complete the astrology and numerology charts and to schedule the best appointment time for you.

If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please click this Contact Page Link.


NOTE: Some e-mail programs or services block messages from senders whose e-mail addresses are not in the recipient's Address Book or Safe Senders List. Be sure to add address to your E-Mail Address Book or Safe List to ensure that you receive valued messages regarding your purchase.

The World Inbetween*

Walking out of the Sea of Humanity, up onto the Shore of the World Inbetween*, knowledge about our Life and the current events within this time are visible. The Hall of Records houses the Elder Librarians and our Life Books. Accessing this information provides complete understanding about our Life Purpose and our Life Journey.

The Light-Table upon the Shore of the World Inbetween* portrays the current events and patterns of change and transition affecting humanity. All is visible from this place.

The World Inbetween* provides a place for those who have chosen to be of service to humanity. Those of service are in this world and some are from the Other World, yet the World Inbetween* allows both to exist and work together for a common purpose.


Ultimately those who walk the Shores of the World Inbetween* have access to the information that provides awareness and understanding and is of great service to individuals about their Life Journey and this time in Humanity.


*Inbetween is not proper English, however it is the right word and spelling for this Realm. 

Photographs by Karyl Jackson
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