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Life Reading

Life Reading Special - CHART YOUR PATH INTO 2024

SPECIAL 30-minute Personalized Forecast - $ 65 - (Special price 50% - $125)
Karyl Jackson will provide a personalized “recorded session” MP3 of YOUR forecast covering September through the end of the year 2023 and entrance preview into 2024.  Karyl talks to YOU about YOUR specific chart, your transitions of your Personal Year walking through 2023 and entering your New Era as you move into 2024.

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What is a Life Reading?

A Life Reading provides the interpretation of your numerology and astrology charts.   Looking through this window to see the Soul Essence, your natural talents, expression, and purpose of this lifetime become visible.  All aspects of the Soul Journey are visible when your Life's purpose reveals additional timing and details, all from the interpretation of the charts.  A Life Reading validates what you already feel inside and helps you gain a detailed understanding of your Spiritual Journey, giving you the confidence to move forward during the shifts and changes you experience in the outside world.  


The cosmic timing of events allows you to understand the higher purpose for these situations and challenges.  You realize the importance of bringing forward your intuitive connection and awareness of your spiritual essence.  A Life Reading provides a new level of inspiration about your Life as you are here to make a difference while using your natural talents and expressing the qualities visible in the numerology and astrology charts.  Additional information about your Life Journey is seen when combined with Karyl's intuitive information from the World Inbetween*.   

The time frame and purpose of situations we experience this lifetime have great value and merit in the Soul Journey and therefore become an asset to see our Life from a higher perspective.  A Life Reading provides information in conjunction with the current timing of events and circumstances in the outside world to show us where we are on that Journey.


The Readings listed use the interpretation of information within the astrology and numerology charts combined with information as seen through Karyl's intuitive vision of the World Inbetween*, providing an in-depth interpretation covering the past, present, and future.  The focus of the readings gives you a more detailed picture of the current influences and how the events and circumstances play a significant role in your spiritual Journey.  Any of the Life Readings offered provide a "you are here" map of your Life and differ offering you a 6-month short-range or a long-range picture, of 9 or 12 months.


(*The World Inbetween may not be proper English; however, it is the right word and spelling for this Realm, details see below).

To purchase an appointment for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Options are available as shown below; choose the Life Reading desired, and after your purchase, a Contact Page becomes available.  Karyl will contact you for the birth data to complete the astrology and numerology charts and to schedule the best appointment time for you.

If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please click this Contact Page Link.







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The World Inbetween*

Walking out of the Sea of Humanity, up onto the Shore of the World Inbetween*, knowledge about our Life and the current events within this time are visible. The Hall of Records houses the Elder Librarians and our Life Books. Accessing this information provides complete understanding about our Life Purpose and our Life Journey.

The Light-Table upon the Shore of the World Inbetween* portrays the current events and patterns of change and transition affecting humanity. All is visible from this place.

The World Inbetween* provides a place for those who have chosen to be of service to humanity. Those of service are in this world and some are from the Other World, yet the World Inbetween* allows both to exist and work together for a common purpose.


Ultimately those who walk the Shores of the World Inbetween* have access to the information that provides awareness and understanding and is of great service to individuals about their Life Journey and this time in Humanity.


*The World Inbetween may not be proper English, however it is the right word and spelling for this Realm. 

Photographs by Karyl Jackson
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