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May is the month for roses!

The May / June newsletter is moving us into a new environment, with a new focus and purpose.  Situations will provide the jumpstart into a new perspective, giving us a lot to think about as Mercury shifts into information-oriented Gemini on May 3rd, which activates the river of information.   

May 2021

May is universally a ONE month, providing new beginnings for 2021 as the FIVE year brings change, breakthrough and freedom.  Many elements of the past were cleared away in April’s events, making room for new energies, focus and pursuits emerging in May.  Rethinking of the previous FIVE year events from 2012, 2003, 1994, 1985, 1976 and beyond we will begin to see the pattern of new options emerging that push us beyond the past and into our new directions.  We are all subject to the universal influences first and then we have the overlay of our own personal year that brings in the personalized energy of the personal month and year.  Looking at the major aspects of May, we find that the New Moon on May 11th, emphasizes the Taurus elements of love, money and well-being.  Additionally, Jupiter has been expanding the focus of the humanitarian elements as we revise our concepts, Jupiter shifts into Pisces on May 13th to open up the shifts and changes of our Life Purpose to align with our new spiritual awareness.  This shift requires that we bring forward our new concepts and our intuitive guidance as we move into our new directions.  Also, Mercury reaches 16 Gemini on May 13th, which will also be the point of Mercury’s backtrack during the Mercury retrograde from May 29th through June 22nd.  This point holds the spiritual shift of aligning our purpose to our awareness which will shift situations around in the outside world during the Mercury retrograde.  Coming into our new spiritual purpose creates a new intuitive alignment and awareness that is needed to move into our new directions.  Many will be ready to make this important shift, while others will not be ready as they still want to live in old concepts rather than to make the shift into a new light-year of awareness as the entrance into the Golden Age.   

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