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March / April 2023 - available now!

March is a ONE month, which is a time to be bold and begin our new initiative.  It is a new world, with Saturn shifting into Pisces and Pluto shifting into Aquarius.  The beginnings that emerge with the key aspects and the many events aligned with this new era, opens the door to the Threshold that can only be crossed with a strong spiritual connection and purpose.  


There are many that will no longer have the ability to use old ways to fake their way along.  The requirement of Saturn in Pisces becomes the x-ray vision into the core self, and the spiritual alignment that needs to exist within each person.  Not all will be able to cross the Threshold, as previous actions and ethical intentions become visible through the transparency of this new era.


March 11th brings Jupiter to connect with Chiron at 14 Aries.  Chiron holds our “spiritual savings account” as Chiron gives us challenging situations and seemingly unfair circumstances to see how we respond.  Our chosen response stems from our core essence, reflecting the True Self and our spiritual beliefs.  As our chosen response in the midst of challenges, our True Self stands at the Threshold of this Golden Era revealing the characteristics and essence visible through this transparency process that is emerging. 


Pluto shifts into Aquarius on March 23rd, which shifts us into our New Era.  Pluto brings the empowering qualities forward that are associated with the intentions of this time.  Pluto provides a four-month preview of this era that brings a new focus and purpose into our life.     During the four-months (March – June) values, events and situations take a major turn that reveals the new environment, theme and systems. Pluto in Aquarius provides this preview, giving us a greater understanding and awareness of this Aquarius Age.  


The Pluto in Aquarius era begins in 2023 and lasts until 2044.  Qualities reflect honoring and empowering humanity, with respect, fairness, right for all decisions and freedom.  These qualities will be given a successful approach and an expansive quality to use in favorable ways during this era.  Our motives, ethics and intentions are critical in the movement forward during this era.  We have to make the transition from the self-absorbed Pluto in Capricorn era to move forward  successfully into the Pluto in Aquarius era.  The transitions needed during 2023 point to the importance of our own inner awareness. 

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