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Universal Year of 2022

Moving into the New Year of 2022, we can celebrate the completion of the FIVE year of 2021. Moving beyond the FIVE year of 2021 allows the transparency and completion from many changes on the spiritual level, to give us the rites of passage to move forward.  As the New Year of 2022 emerges, we will transition out of the FIVE universal year of change and into the SIX universal year of 2022.  The SIX year brings in solutions, allowing us to make important adjustments to streamline our life in many ways, ultimately moving into harmony and balance.  We will be able to shift our efforts to integrate new energies to improve and simplify our life in key areas that are needed.  The New Year gives us the opportunities to move away from the past challenges and bring forward the qualities we want to implement into our life.  

The details of 2022 become visible as we move into 2022, which is universally a SIX year, accentuating our home and work environments, as well as relationships within these areas.  SIX also brings emphasis onto health and healing with efficiencies moving through all of these settings.   With the digits of the TWO, the year will bring what is right for all into the year.  SIX requires resolutions to be explored, determined as a positive solution, and integrated throughout the year.  Many situations will be addressed that need to have a retrofit or adjustments implemented.  We will see many solutions emerge that will be placed into situations within many areas, especially home, work, health, healing and relationships.  Each month of the year will bring emphasis of specific retrofits needed as our efforts come into focus for the implementation process.

Celebrate the New Year of 2022.  We can look to the previous universal SIX years to gain another perspective of events from a SIX year, such as 2013, 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968, 1959, 1950, etc.  Granted, the planetary placements are different and unique every year, which brings in new and specific energies that bring in opportunities for 2022.  Through reviewing the placement of the planets unique to this year, we can see the areas earmarked to have more focus and hold our circumstances of resolutions. 


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