Understanding your Basic Instincts

Discover YOUR Basic Instincts

Understanding the information about yourself as shown by the ruling number of your Basic Instincts allows you to utilize your natural talents and abilities in all areas of your life. Working with these natural abilities opens the doorway of opportunity to realize the success that is inherent within you. Bringing more awareness of your individual skill set and integrating it with the timing of the outside world provides a winning combination for your personal and professional success.

How to figure YOUR Basic Instincts
There are NINE basic instincts, with each number representing qualities, characteristics, natural talents, and inherent abilities that make up your individual skill set. Additionally, the double digits of 11 and 22 are included as they are a higher octave to the basic numbers, bringing forward a stronger spiritual dynamic with additional spiritual energies and qualities prominent within the situations.  

To figure your Basic Instincts number; Add your birth month and day together. Keep adding the digits together until you have only one digit between ONE and NINE, (11 and 22 are also included).
Example: May 11 becomes 5+11=16. Add the 1 and the 6 of the 16 together, such as 1 + 6 = 7.
The Basic Instinct of this individual is shown by the qualities associate with the number SEVEN. This person has a deeper side of life through interests of spiritual awareness, research, or analytical functions to understand more of the mystery of life.

Now that you have determined your Basic Instinct number, follow the example below to add this number to the current year of 2020 to find your Personal Year Numerology Trends to determine your purpose within the current events.

Add your Basic Instinct number to the current year of 2020 (2+0+2+0 = 4), to determine your Personal Year / Numerology Trends for 2020.  Click  to return to the main Numerology Trends Page to read more detail about  YOUR Basic Instinct  and YOUR Personal Numerology Trends for 2020 will progress and impact your Life Journey.