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As the FOUR universal year of 2020 signals a new focus on responsibility, self-discipline, accountability, planning, organizing and mastering accomplishments, the New Year gives us tasks, tall orders and projects that need to be accomplished. The year will have demands that require a disciplined approach and an unending stream of energy. 


Each month of this year brings forward important aspects that impact our life and give us the options and opportunities to evolve our life.  This 36-page  book has been designed to expand on the influences within each month to assist us in our journey.  Through aligning our goals and aspirations while working with the cosmic timing, our life brings in a greater understanding and awareness of all that is possible.

As we remember the key elements that happen within 2020 and refer back to previous FOUR universal years, we can bring our notes and memories into our conscious evolution.  The three Mercury retrogrades of the year as well as the unique Venus and Mars retrogrades happening during this year as well.  What does it all mean and how does it impact you.  This is the critical element needed to gain a greater understanding of your life.  

Looking to the previous universal FOUR years as we review our own past history include 2011, 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957 and 1948, etc.  We will find great wisdom and the opportunity to step up to the plate to bring a greater awareness into our journey.  

This book provides 
•36 pages of information 
•Overview of 2020 Planetary Trends 
•Synopsis of each month of 2020 
•Key aspects of Mercury Retrograde Events 
•Align your goals with 2020 planetary influences 
•See the upcoming 2020 numerology and celestial trends 
•Visit Book Distributor link below to preview pages


Reasonably Priced:  $19.79

You can preview a few of the pages of this book as well as purchase a copy for you or as a gift.  

Go to the Book Distributor link below to view;
2020 Calendar Book and Journal - Alpha Life Trends



Written by Karyl Jackson. © 2020 Alpha Life Trends. All Rights Reserved.

Photographs by Karyl Jackson
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