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Neptune in Pisces

In February 2012 Neptune moved into Pisces, where it tours for the next 13 years. This is an important transition and change as Neptune emphasizes the spiritual connection that encompasses our being. Regardless of the beliefs we currently have, the veils that separate the different levels of life will begin to dissolve to reveal all of life. This will generate a new understanding as the perceived separations that create differences in beliefs will begin to melt away. As all of life begins to be visible the different realms and levels of life meld into one reality.

Neptune moving through Pisces unveils the golden light, dawning a new era of spiritual understanding and awareness. Neptune moved into Pisces in February 2012, where it will be for the next 13 years. Neptune in Pisces aligns the inner connectivity and spiritual awareness, which is strongly emphasized during this shift. The cocoon of understanding that held our awareness in suspension now unfolds many possibilities as our new perceptions expand beyond previous concepts. Through our response to this new phase of understanding, more options appear and will call us to explore and discover a new reality.

The last time that Neptune was in Pisces was within a few years after the planet of Neptune was discovered. Neptune moved into Pisces in 1849 and remained until 1862. This created a dramatic upswing in the spiritual awareness that gave birth to many new concepts at this time that continued to evolve. As it was reported that a surge of spiritualism began "... and by 1853, the Spiritualist movement had spread to San Francisco and eventually to London, and by 1860 there were Spiritualist churches around the world ..."

Neptune's passage into Pisces will become visible in the outer world in many ways. The obvious awareness of the various separations of life and death that will see the veil between them fade. Neptune will begin to reveal that all of life is one. The death event is the death of the body but the true essence of the spirit is still very much alive. This will create many expansions of awareness, wanted or not, that even as people leave this world, the body is the aspect that leaves, but the true essence is still present and begins to be visible as still a resident within our sphere of awareness. Similar to the rays of light we can't see or the sound levels we can't hear, we will begin to see and hear all that is a part of life and the many aspects that represent life.

This transparency of spirit begins to become a haunting event for many who have thought that all that they have said or done are not visible. But the visibility of these aspects of each person will begin to be seen and actually take shape, as if the inside is now visible on the outside. Neptune in Pisces has a purpose of uncovering the many levels and barriers that we use to create the delusion of separation and life being contained in areas that we can't or don't want to see. The levels and barriers begin to fade and the delusion of separation will no longer be viable and will instead become a major factor in transparency of people; their motives, ethics and value.

Neptune in Pisces also provides a major breakthrough with technology as the connections that used to be separated will become a more global sense of one-connection as cloud computing expands and major breakthroughs come into play. Utilizing thoughts as the drivers of technology and fading the separation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms begins to take place.

Within the astrology chart, each person has the location of Neptune designated. Even though the sign of Neptune is very much a generational element, being in one sign for 13 years, the location provides that environment that the spiritual qualities will be expressed. As the chart accentuates the natural expression, there will also become an activation of the spiritual qualities prompting our participation along a new avenue of activity. The importance of this placement will begin to be seen as Neptune continues its journey through Pisces and opens the doors to understanding the key aspects of the current transition.

More information to come ... The location of the original placement of Neptune in a chart indicates the area that spiritual awareness and understanding is to be expressed. The location of transiting Neptune shows the current environment that Neptune will utilize as a focus to emphasize the intuitive connection.


Neptune in Pisces how does it affect YOU?

The location of the original placement of Neptune in a birth chart indicates the area that spiritual awareness and understanding is expressed. The location of transiting Neptune shows the current environment that Neptune will utilize as an area to expand focus to emphasize and use the intuitive connection.

Neptune in Pisces History;
Neptune was discovered in 1846 right before it transitioned into Pisces.

Neptune has since completed one orbit and has returned to its original location of discovery.
Neptune entered Scorpio in 1957
Neptune entered Sagittarius in 1970
Neptune entered Capricorn in 1984
Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998
Neptune entered Pisces in 2012
Neptune enters Aries in 2025

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