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Numerology Trends

2023 Information COMING SOON!


2022 is a universal SIX year which emphasizes issues, problem-solving and solutions.  With the series of changes that entered our life in 2021, we are now taking a look at the aftermath of the changes to determine the areas that need to be revised and solutions implemented.  The focus of 2021 was the continuing shift and changes that continued throughout the year.  Ultimately by the end of 2021, the transition into 2022 is bringing us in touch with the need to be in alignment with our ethical values.  We will stand up for what is right as the SIX year is about protecting that which is right within our home, work and relationships of family and friends.  


Many events in 2022 require accountability as the critical element in order to take the lead in addressing key issues to determine the solutions that bring forward balance, harmony and efficiency.  The universal year of 2022 dictates the outer circumstances, but our personal year determines the inner qualities that will be utilized.  To transition our personal life into the larger scope to address issues and bring forward solutions, we will need to be ready to assess situations, look at our personal talents and abilities to determine if we are ready to make the adjustments necessary. 


The SIX year sees adjustments in our home, work and relationships.  Additionally solving problems with health and integrate healing solutions is also part of the SIX year.  To determine your basic instincts to situations and natural response to situations around you, look to your basic instinct number. To see your natural qualities and natural response to situations, your BASIC INSTINCT provides the perspective through which you see options and opportunities.

To determine the success of the universal SIX year and how our life will evolve in 2022, look to your PERSONAL YEAR for 2022. There will be pathways that open providing adjustments of the key areas of our life - home, work, health and relationships - as they emphasize our true essence, beliefs and sense of purpose.  Our spiritual focus and efforts to make a difference in life will lead us forward into our right direction, opening the door to the important transition from 2021 to 2022.  The pathways are open as we use our talents and skills dedicated to “right-action”. 


To determine your Personal Year for 2022, you will find that the transition into the calendar year opens to the new energies that you will experience in 2022.  We can look to previous universal SIX years  to understand the relevant and purposeful events that moved us through the year.  To understand and see the cosmic energy and the Divine purpose for events coming into your life at this current time, look back nine years ago to see your own cycle; 2013, 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968, 1959, etc.

To understand how the Numerology Trends impacts YOUR 2022 year and the transition into the Aquarius New Age, read more ...



Photographs by Karyl Jackson

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