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Pluto transition out Capricorn

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Pluto's use of Power

reveals the motives, ethics and intent driving our actions

Pluto rules power and the ability to bring purpose, passion and power together to make a difference in the world.  Pluto is also the energy, the motives, the integrity of the purpose of using Pluto's power. Pluto also rules the issues of the motives that are hidden within the person wielding power. Words can easily be used as a front, but it is Pluto's energy and motives that point to the real purpose, the real motives and intent for utilizing this energy. These deep motives, even if they are unseen, are at the core of our essence and reveal the true connection with  Life and the level of Divine understanding.  The power to make a positive or negative difference in the world is given to us, and it is our freewill choice that is revealed through Pluto.

Pluto often brings us situations that contain issues of power, in which we fear power greater than ourselves and thus we have to rise to the occasion to make the inner power greater and stronger than the outer powers. An example of this is the fear of outer authority and we must respond to situations in which outer authority comes into our life and our inner confidence or inner strength has to be stronger than the outer situations. This response to situations becomes the trial by fire methods in which Pluto works.

The outer authority and outer power can be a positive source of competition or a person in a position of power who is misusing their position to wield their power in inappropriate ways to cause harm to others. The purpose for this outer power and the motives for this outer power becomes the Pluto issue. The motives, ethics, integrity and values that come with the use or mis-use of power are hidden from view, however they are known by the person and ultimately become visible as the intention is continued over time, setting a precedence that speaks of it's own accord.

Our response to power greater than ourselves, whether real or perceived, becomes our intention as well. We can respond to situations with equal harmful ways or choose to grow inner qualities and outer expressions greater than those expressed by those in power positions. An athlete can respond to the marathon of hills by bringing more strength and more endurance to meet the challenges, or veer from the race with intention to not continue or to cheat in some way or another. Similarly a person in positions of power can wield this power to fulfill responsibilities in the highest order, or become mesmerized by their own self-proclaimed position and take aim at others they feel jealous or hateful toward, and skew the game board of life to their own advantage.

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Pluto entered Capricorn on November 26, 2008 where it will stay until 2023.

This long, extended stay of Pluto in Capricorn (2008 - 2023) will completely revise the power issues and issues of authority. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from 1762 to 1779, which included the founding of our country to gain the freedom against the oppression from the King of England. Now our power issues will once again reveal similar issues that were addressed with "taxation without representation", the War of Regulation from 1764 to 1771 against corrupt colonial officials, The Stamp and Sugar Act which tried violators in Admiralty court where the defendants were considered guilty until they could prove their innocence.


The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Articles of the Constitution built from the Magma Carter written to set the parameters and rules of freedom and independence. We will find ourselves in the same boat of addressing the oppressive and corrupt power issues that have been used against people and to revolutionize the checks and balances required for the rightful use of power.

The Capricorn States (when the specific State entered into the U.S. Union) will become the focus and subject of the most changes, transitions, potential scandals and ultimate revisions. They are;

Iowa - December 28, 1846
Texas - December 29, 1845
Georgia - January 2, 1788
Alaska - January 3, 1959
Utah - January 4, 1896
New Mexico - January 6, 1912
Connecticut - January 9, 1788


The Aquarius States (when the State entered the Union) will provide important transitions along the way during 2023, bringing key issues and transparency of situations to the surface.

         Michigan - January 26, 1837

         Kansas - January 29, 1861         

         Massachusetts - February 6, 1788

         Oregon - February 14, 1859

         Arizona - February 14, 1912




Written by Karyl Jackson. © 2023 Alpha Life Trends. All Rights Reserved.

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Photographs by Karyl Jackson

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