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Basic Instinct 

EIGHT – With an EIGHT in a major pinnacle/cycle placement, you gravitate toward business and enterprise.  EIGHT is a building number with the intent to amass success in the industrial world.  You see situations through this focus and you are a natural entrepreneur as you want to work toward your goals of success.  You naturally think in terms of business and efficiency and how to achieve financial success to give you the resources to build more.  These skills are inherent within the EIGHT number that represents pinnacles, cycles and will garner the outside events that open the doors for these efforts to be met with business success.

2022 Personal Year - Determined by adding your  EIGHT  basic instinct to the SIX universal year  [= 5 Personal Year]

2022 Personal Year

Entering 2022, you will feel that many stressors are lifted off of your shoulders.  You have put out a lot of effort to get to this year and the situations were tough, required a lot of fortitude to continue onward.  Now that the challenges are behind you, you are moving to a new and different environment, one that gives you a chance to experience more choices, options and opportunities.  You will be ready to shift out of the old attitudes and be ready to see situations through new eyes.  FIVE is the personal year of change, breakthrough and freedom, and many of the situations begin to show a new and different view.  With the different view coming into focus, you will let go of the past to clear out the old concepts, giving you the freedom for a fresh start.  

February pushes you to look at various options and to look deeper within yourself to determine what you want to strive for.  Your values and goals are changing, and you will begin to explore the different priorities that have recently become more important than others.  You will review and revise the directions you choose as the options are now different and exploring all within the new concepts becomes important.

March opens the door for many activities that will give you a boost of confidence and make you feel important.  As you display more of your natural talents, you will gain positive feedback and have a strong desire to further engage in the activities around you.  Career options, business ventures or pursuits will seem to beckon you into the directions that excite you.  You will review your shift of priorities and be glad to move forward in many ways.

May emphasizes the new beginnings that are now available as you no longer have the old hesitations and doubts around you.  Instead, you now have a very positive and optimistic approach to situations.  You are ready to make new choices and move into directions that give you inspiration to improve and become more rounded in your activities.  Having an innovative approach to the options gives you a spark that ignites your new phase.  

July brings in some new creative tasks and projects, as you are ready to jump into activities that offer you fun circumstances.  You may take some day trips or go explore different areas that give you a new level of excitement. You are ready to have a change of scenery and enjoy the changes immensely.  This shift ushers in a new attitude, approach and activities as you have a unique take on situations, which expands the creativity that you have desired.  

September gives you a lot to review.  You will see how far you have come and the difference that the events of this year have made in your life, your outlook and your goals.  With all of the changes blowing through your life you will begin to let the old situations fade into the background and no longer feel the need to pull them up into the current situations.  You are ready to let the past be the past.   

November gives you a lot of tasks and projects to complete, and your time seems to be at a minimum.  You have to squeeze in the events and situations that seem to fly into the month, with responding to all of the elements involved.  You will look at the requirements of situations and figure out how you can borrow time from different situations in order to get things done by the time needed.

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