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This week, July 20th through July 26th, is a very powerful week, filled with key aspects and planetary influences.  Beginning with Saturn turning direct on Sunday, the shift of energy brings a primary element to align efforts with responsibility.  Saturn has been retrograde since March 1st, and has provided a powerful review of situations since that time, to determine the corrections that need to occur.  Corrections on the inside and the outside become the focus with Saturn in Scorpio, as the elements of ethics, motives and values need to be addressed.  Saturn turning direct brings forward the elements of ethics and motives, to unfold the pathway that has been gained by commitment to inner values being expressed in the outside world.  The shifts in the outside world that occur because of the ethics and motives utilized will begin to be visible as Saturn’s will power and dedicated Scorpio motives unfold a higher pathway, moving forward through the end of the year.

Monday, the Uranus winds begin to blow.  Bringing change in the air, situations that have been in flux since the beginning of April will shift and change your course.  The changes blowing will shift situations, moving you one way and than another, along your journey that is determined by the essence of your true inner self.  Uranus blows in situations that have been formulating since the April’s Solar Eclipse and the Jupiter square Uranus event in mid April.  With Mars squaring and opposing this aspect, situations were delayed and couldn’t blow onto the scene.  With Uranus changing directions today, circumstances, events and situations will blow into your life throughout the year that will unfold your new journey.

Tuesday, Mercury is in opposition to Pluto, which brings information forward from the Sun opposition Pluto aspect that occurred on July 4th that opened up key shifts and changes within the business and career environment.  Mercury brings in more information from that time and will push to achieve a balance with many situations in your career and business pursuits.  Additionally with Sun moving into Leo, the spark of creativity will take many ideas and expand them into new and different pathways, pushing you into more  leadership roles that begin your creative Leo expression aligned with your pursuits.
These new pursuits will continue to expand with opening new doors on Thursday as Sun connects with Jupiter at 2 Leo.  Because the Sun didn’t connect with Jupiter while in Cancer, the rewards that seemed to be lacking during this last year, June 2013 to July 2014 will begin to open up for those that grab hold of the Leo creative options.  The palette of opportunities spark ideas and it is your ability and commitment to take these into the next phase that will determine your journey.  Being, bold, brave, and courageous will harness your enthusiastic nature to expand you into a completely new world.  This journey will take you far in the next year, while Jupiter is in Leo, from July 2014 to August 2015.
Friday, Mars shifts out of Libra, where it has been for a long, grueling eight months.  Squaring the forward motion kept many situations in a cross current until Mars could get out of the retrograde motion at the end of May.  The opening of opportunities that occurred in late May and into June, allowed situations to stumble forward.  Now as Mars shifts into Scorpio, alignment with ethics, motives and values begins to ignite the forward motion for many situations, circumstances and events.  The terrain begins to open up and the pathway forward becomes clear.  As Mars gets closer and closer to connecting to Saturn already in Scorpio, those that want to take responsibility to jump off the bench and into the game are those committed to their spiritual journey and not afraid of hard work.
Saturday’s New Moon in fiery Leo activates the sense of true leadership, one that requires a jump off the bench, getting into the game, knowing that hard work is the game, making mistakes and learning, but keeping the eye on the ultimate goal begins the new pursuits in the Leo arenas.  It takes a person who is not afraid of hard work, who has a commitment to get things done, is activated and engaged with a higher commitment to the goals, that will be given the leadership opportunities that will follow this aspect.  It is time to jump into action, accept the tasks and projects ahead of you, and be committed to bringing the spark of your spiritual essence into your day-to-day life to make a difference in everything you do.  It is time for your greatest work to begin! 

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