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... Venus brings in positive dynamics to Jupiter's new beginnings ...

This week, August 17th through August 23rd, begins with Venus connecting with Jupiter.  The connection with Jupiter has occurred with Sun and Mercury previously on July 24th and August 2nd respectively.  Now that harmony-oriented Venus is connecting with Jupiter, the previous efforts will collectively create a positive dynamic that heralds in the new beginnings that Jupiter has instigated.  Jupiter in Leo has brought in a strong and vibrant atmosphere of creativity, especially as the efforts to spearhead new directions is utilized.  The closeness of Venus and Jupiter is a significant event and brings visibility to the early morning start to the week. 

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To jump into leadership roles during this time brings positive opportunities to expand beyond old concepts.  Bold moves to jump ahead in business will create the waves that assist to improve and advance the status quo.   The risk of criticism is inherent with forging change through activating creative ideas, however with Jupiter in Leo, the creativity that is surging ahead will become the resulting reward.
On Monday, Mercury aligns with Neptune, which opens the intuitive component of Jupiter’s creative dynamic.  Mercury, now in Virgo begins to go over the creative ideas presented to bring a more detailed focus to perfect the ideas.  Mercury aligned with Neptune pull in the intuitive element that enhances each of the details into perfection.

Throughout the week, information continues to emerge to perfect the ideas that are creating the future with the emerging dynamic energy of Jupiter in Leo.  Friday morning, Sun rolls into Virgo and the Moon shifts into Leo, pulling forward many of the previous ideas presented that will become a more perfected array of creative pursuits.  During the last phase of this week, Moon connects with Jupiter and Venus, visible in the early morning hours.  Moon in Leo reflects the opportunities that have emerged and brings in the promise of good things to come from these creative efforts. 

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As the Moon in Leo completes the last phase of the Moon’s cycle, the New Moon on the 25th opens the door for the positive dynamic energy to begin a new journey, one that has been prepared by forging ahead with a strong, vibrant, new creative attitude.

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