Major Aspects for April 2014

  • April 2 - Sun conjunct Uranus - 12 Aries
  • April 7 - Mercury enters Aries
  • April 8 - Sun opposition Mars retrograde - 18 Aries / 18 Libra
  • April 11 - Venus conjunct Neptune - 6 Pisces
  • April 14 - Mercury conjunct Uranus - 12 Aries
  • April 14 - Pluto turns retrograde -13 Capricorn
  • April 14 - Mercury Square Jupiter - 12 Aries / 12 Cancer
  • April 15 - Mercury square Pluto - 13 Aries / 13 Capricorn
  • April 15 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon/ LUNAR ECLIPSE - 25 Aries / 25 Libra
  • April 16 - Mercury opposition Mars retrograde - 15 Aries / 15 Libra
  • April 19 - Sun enters Taurus
  • April 20 - Jupiter opposition Pluto - 13 Cancer / 13 Capricorn
  • April 20 - Jupiter square Uranus - 13 Cancer / 13 Aries
  • April 21 - Uranus square Pluto - 13 Aries / 13 Capricorn
  • April 22 - Mars retrograde square Jupiter - 13 Libra / 13 Cancer
  • April 23 - Mars retrograde opposition Uranus - 13 Libra / 13 Aries
  • April 23 - Mars retrograde square Pluto - 13 Libra / 13 Capricorn
  • April 25 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 5 Taurus
  • April 29 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon / SOLAR ECLIPSE - 9 Taurus
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This week April 20th through April 26th, is filled with powerful and active events. Sunday begins with Sun moving into earthy Taurus, which provides a stabilizing energy while many aspects begin to blow in gale-force winds. Four planets reach 13 degrees, creating a Grand Cross that opens a new journey; Uranus at 13 Aries, Jupiter at 13 Cancer, Mars at 13 Libra, and Pluto at 13 Capricorn. This Grand Square (also known as a Grand Cross) shifts the scales, turns the clock and unbolts the rusted cog to allow change to occur. The importance of two of these aspects is profound, but to have four, epic changes, events and transformations are immanent.

Jupiter begins the series of events on Sunday, by creating the square to the Uranus winds of change. Jupiter opens the floodgates creating the white-water rapids of change, taking the gentle river of events into a resounding, swirling shifting situations and circumstances into increased activity. Jupiter aligned with Pluto heightens the intensity as Pluto pushes for transforming change to follow your feelings and move away from the old situations.

Monday the Uranus winds emphasize the ability to break free from the old situations as the perfect square to Pluto provides the hard angle that becomes the stair step to a new level. Uranus in Aries blows in situations that push power buttons within Pluto's Capricorn environments of business, government, industry and finances. The effects of events create the need for meetings, discussions and negotiations.

Tuesday Mars retrograde in Libra creates a square to Jupiter. With Jupiter increasing the white-water rapids of change, Mars activates an additional energy flow as the wind blows in situations that require quickened problem-solving capabilities. With Mars retrograde, many of the situations that appear prompt bold actions, planned or unplanned.

Wednesday Mars is in opposition to Uranus, increasing the winds of change. Mars activates a stronger level of information that blows on the winds. Later the same day Mars creates a square with powerful Pluto, which prompts the need to shift away from the old and embrace the new. Pluto is pushing for changes within the business arena as industry, government and financial issues blow wildly in the gale-force winds. Mars becomes the key force continuing to spin situations into highly activated events. Taking the cues to engage and be proactive in response to situations, which opens the gates to sail out of the locks and into the open ocean. Ultimately, the effect of these major aspects is to leave the past embracing new opportunities and directions.

All of the events culminate into a very profound, eventful and intense week prompting change, breakthrough and transformation. The series of requirements set a new pace for the year and set a pathway to move beyond the old environments. By Friday, Sun connects to Mercury, driving forward a commitment for the new directions. Signing on the dotted line becomes the important step that opens the gates for passage into the open ocean. Sun and Mercury connect at 6 Taurus, paving the way for the Solar Eclipse early morning on the 29th at 9 Taurus.

The location of each of these four planetary cogs in the birth chart, represents the components of change, breakthrough and transformation. Having key planets within close proximity to the 13 degrees intensifies the importance of the changes in your life journey. Moving up to the next level of awareness, strengthening inner qualities and standing up and being true to yourself becomes the importance of these dynamic shifts. Uranus provides change, Mars activates the breakthrough that is led by Jupiter opening new doors of opportunity. Pluto requires transformation by releasing the old ways and habits. Compelled to move through fear, the new way brings in the ability to empower faith and trust in the new. Read more;

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2014 is universally a SEVEN year, which requires you to look deeper into your true nature. Seeing your true self from a deeper level provides a transparency of self and intention. Following your heart, expressing and doing what you love becomes the energy that drives events and your actions in the New Year. The activities of January surge with the month being an EIGHT in numerology terms. EIGHT is the number of business, career, and financial dealings with a high energy level and a multitude of activities setting a quickened pace.

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Universally, 2014 is a SEVEN year, which emphasizes deeper understanding, inner realizations, quest for wisdom and transparency to see into each person, revealing their true essence.

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* April 2014 = 4 + 2014 = 2018 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2), therefore April is an ELEVEN/TWO universal month), emphasizing the ability to lead by example, to inspire change by standing up, speaking up and being bold to set a new pace. The 11 is a Master number, which brings in vision, purpose and passion, to achieve the new ways, by updating the old.

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April 2014 Highlights

April becomes a very important and powerful month. As a universal ELEVEN/TWO month, tall demands set the pace. ELEVEN is a master number, which requires sensitivity and vision to drive situations into new directions. While being positive and optimistic, a new vision becomes the journey. Being placed in challenging situations allows you to see what needs to be changed, yet being placed on the hot seat becomes uncomfortable. Rather than being engulfed with the plight of the environment, a stronger drive to bring change to the situations is the higher purpose of the circumstances. To rise above your personal station to see the need to take action on your vision, the ELEVEN must bring forward the very qualities of purpose and passion. The major changes set for the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd beckon the shifts and solutions needed. Moving beyond the old ways of operating to implement and unfold new ways requires courage, inspiration and standing true to yourself. Allow the winds of change to blow, while maintaining your vision, purpose and passion. The inner strength needed to maintain the higher ELEVEN path rather than reduce to the TWO, which will be battered by the winds, is the purpose and the challenge of April. It is easy to stand true to yourself in a harmonious environment, but the strength of your commitment to Truth becomes visible when the winds of change blow. Maintaining the ELEVEN becomes the incredible journey of April.

The SEVEN year of 2014

Not only does 2014 set a new pace, but January provides a unique emphasis that begins in the New Year. There are two New Moons in January (an EIGHT* month), none in the short month of February, (a NINE* month) and two New Moons again in March (a ONE* month) . This dynamic beginning to 2014 provides a powerful element that sets a whole new series of energies into motion. 2014 is universally a SEVEN year, providing the transparency elements and alignment of your inner qualities to your outer expression. Within the SEVEN year, great realizations and awareness grows to encompass the opportunity to move beyond the past. There will be many events that push you toward your right direction, allowing you to express your inner qualities and be seen for who you really are. With 2014 changing the Personal Year for everyone, a new track is pulling you into your right journey, one that is outwardly reflective of your true inner essence. The previous SEVEN years' occurred in 2005, 1996, 1987, 1978, 1969, 1960, etc. You can look at your own past history to see the events and themes of each of these years, and begin to see a theme appear out of this history. Realizations, deepening understanding of your true purpose brings awareness to these important areas of your life. Specific events occur, all for the purpose to bring forward a greater spiritual awareness of your True Self. (*in numerology terms)


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