Major Aspects for June 2014

  • June 7 - Mercury turns retrograde - 3 Cancer (7:57 am EDT)
  • June 9 - Neptune turns retrograde - 8 Pisces
  • June 12 - Venus opposition Saturn - 16 Taurus / 16 Scorpio
  • June 12 - Sun opposition Moon - Full Moon - 22 Gemini / 22 Sagittarius
  • June 17 - Mercury enters Gemini -
  • June 19 - Sun conjunct Mercury - 28 Gemini
  • June 21 - Sun shifts into Cancer
  • June 25 - Mars opposition Uranus - 16 Libra / 16 Aries
  • June 27 - Sun conjunct Moon - New Moon - 6 Cancer
  • July 1 - Mercury turns direct - 24 Gemini (7:50 am EDT)
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Celestial Trends for June 2014

June 2014 Overview
June is universally a FOUR* month (in numerology terms), which brings the creative options from May to integrate into the events that unfold in June. The FOUR month has demands to plan, organize and accomplish many tasks and projects. Situations unfold that call your efforts to participate and to make a difference. With the rework that is needed to make important adjustments while Mars moves forward, Mercury turns retrograde to search out the important information. Mercury begins the retrograde process on June 7th while briefly in the sign of Cancer. Mercury ventures back into the sign of Gemini to gather information that needs to be integrated into tasks and projects. All will need to be organized and aligned for the forward motion for Mars to achieve all during June. The major thrust of information occurs mid June as Sun connects with Mercury retrograde on June 19th, emphasizing the communication-oriented sign of Gemini. As Mars and Uranus align in opposition, on June 25th, major shifts can take place with Mars back on track. With the New Moon two days after Mars and Uranus align, new directions open up at 6 Cancer on June 27th, provide the open door to move through another important shift. Mercury turns direct at 24 Gemini, on July 1st, bringing forward information that is aligned with a new sense of the right direction. With July as a FIVE month of change, breakthrough and freedom, the efforts of June become the key ingredients for the breakthrough of July.

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June 1st through June 7th
With This week increases the intensity level as Mercury stays at 2 Cancer all week long, until finally inching over to 3 on Saturday before turning retrograde. The key emotional messages that surface each day will continue to push you to realize that the messages need to be turned into action. The focus of this week points to the need to make important changes, as these changes are key to this Mercury retrograde. With the shift into a new journey of Jupiter square Uranus, Jupiter's impact in Cancer is continuing to unfold new options and opportunity. Mercury touching into Cancer perceives the next phase with the timing of this Mercury retrograde to make the changes needed. Important information is being felt as the emotional realm of Cancer is the station dialed in to voice the messages. Emotional perceptions emerge each day this week to build up the push needed to make the changes. By Saturday, the emotional messages become very loud as Mercury hovers before turning retrograde. The clarity of the messages is important as the key shifts happening are of a destiny slated for this time.

June 8th through June 14th

This week opens the events of Mercury retrograde purpose as Mercury gains momentum in the backtracking event to gain important information. Monday sees the shift of Neptune turning retrograde too, as the revision of spiritual blueprints becomes the focus of this retrograde. The revision of your spiritual journey begins to occur with the shift of information, situations and events. On Thursday, the Full Moon brings a high tide of events that align the Gemini/Sagittarius sectors, connecting the focus of the alignment of Gemini information and Sagittarius goals. The high tide of information begins to stream into the day. Emphasis of the Venus and Saturn elements heighten the messages hitting your shore, as Saturn in Scorpio requires attention to motives, intentions, and ethics. Venus in Taurus brings in solutions to balance with the motives that have been in motion. This aspect adds to the information that is brought into alignment with the Sagittarius goals. Because Mercury is still in emotional Cancer, the revisions prompt new feelings that will motivate you to move into new directions.

June 15th through June 21st
This week major, shifts begin to take place. Mercury moves back into Gemini on Tuesday, opening the floodgates of information and changes begin to occur. Musical chairs become the theme of the experiences as new events reveal the changing landscape. By Thursday, Sun connects with Mercury retrograde at 28 Gemini prompting many new decisions to be made. Typically, Sun and Mercury bring in decisions that require a commitment. However, since Mercury is retrograde, these decisions may be delayed or put into action once Mercury turns direct, after July 1st. Information will continue to stream into the situations that will prompt even more changes to be rolled out. Saturday Sun signals the mid-year Solstice, shifting a stronger focus to follow your feelings. Being pulled into new directions emotionally, information provides the stepping-stones to make the changes that create a new journey.

June 22nd through June 28th
This week begins with Venus moving into Gemini, joining Mercury. Venus emphasizes the solutions that will begin to be part of the revisions as harmony brings in a greater scope to the changes already in motion. Mid-week Mars aligns with the changing winds of Uranus. Since Mars has been retrograde, from March 1st through May 20th, the directions that were in progress are now changing. Mars now direct will be instrumental in charting out a new course with many pursuits that go back as far as mid-January 2014. The information that is continuing to stream into situations becomes the key factors that are shifting and changing the landscape. On Friday, the New Moon in Cancer opens the door to align information with feelings to make the changes that are key to this time. Major transitions are occurring emphasizing the musical chairs and shifting landscape of situations. From the 28th until July 1st, Mercury hangs at 24 Gemini before turning direct, precipitating the continual elements of change as prompted by this period to redesign your journey.

June 29th through July 5th

Tuesday begins a new month, emphasizing the breakthrough and freedom from the past at the same time that Mercury turns direct. Mercury is back to 24 Gemini where it began on May 23rd when major realizations began to collect and accumulate, to push you into finally making some major changes by June 7th when Mercury turned retrograde. This course correction has been important and with Mars finally back on track, Mercury can finally push you on the pathway forward. With the new month of July and Mercury turning direct, many situations can finally get moving forward moving you into the right direction. Friday brings the Sun and powerful Pluto to align in balance and spotlight the shifts that require major transformation. Pluto engages the inner qualities to connect with the power within. With Pluto in Capricorn, the transformation is to shift the outer power to reflect the inner power, making transparency the key element of this time. Sun shines the light onto the power issue to determine the alignment, which sets the pace for freedom from the past to create yet another step toward transformation.

July 2014 Overview
July is universally a FIVE* month (in numerology terms), which brings the major shifts and changes from June's events to create the major breakthrough that becomes a significant gift in July. Mars in Libra has been a significant force during this year, affecting each of the months of 2014. Mars reaches a significant aspect with the North Node on July 14th, which begins an inflow of events that have been influx for the last 8 months. Mars activates the flow by opening the floodgates of events that bring forward harmony, balance, partnerships and positive relationships. With so many situations and events shifting back and forth with new energies coming and going, this connection of Mars and North Node set a new pace and open the doors to a new level of connection with others. On July 17th, Jupiter shifts out of Cancer and into creative Leo, igniting many new and exciting events. Leo provides the spark that brings in a new level of happiness that sets a new pace, with new ideas and creative opportunities emerging. On July 21st, Saturn turns direct and begins to unveil your new path. Saturn is taking responsibility to put forth the effort to make and difference and to do what needs to be done. On July 22nd, Uranus turns retrograde, as the shifting winds bring in a different breeze, blowing in a new series of events. On July 27th, Mars finally shifts out of Libra, where it has been for 8 months, since December 7th and shifts into Scorpio. Mars walking with Saturn through August heightens the requirements to align action, responsibility, ethics and transparency before major connections can create forward motion.

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A Life Reading provides explanation of your personal chart and interpretation of the aspects prompting your transition. Many events in your life are coming together to shift your journey, moving from one way of life to another. Know where you are going gives you the confidence to see the important steps along the way.

Written by Karyl Jackson
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